How to Maximize the Trade-in Value of Your Old Video Games

It's an exciting time for gamers. Sony gave the world a glimpse of the PlayStation 4 a few months ago; Microsoft is set to divulge some details about its Xbox 720 console; and E3 — the Electronic Entertainment Expo, in which everything is expected to concretely debut, with purchasing details — is just around the corner on June 11.

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ftwrthtx1982d ago

I've got so many games it's ridiculous. I'm a video game hoarder I reckon.

TerminalGamer1982d ago

I still have Atari 2600 and PS1 games

TrendyGamers1982d ago

What if I want to terrorize the Trade-in Value of my Old Video Games?

optimus1982d ago

If you really want to get the most from your old games you should sell them in bundles...mix some bad ones with good ones and you're good to go.

knifefight1982d ago

Get rid of sports games *before* screenshots of the next installment come out!