Xbox 360 tops consoles in US in April with 130,000 sold

Hardware sales continue to go down, but Microsoft is maintaining its streak of outselling the other consoles in the US

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Blaze9292070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

really gotta give credit to Microsoft this gen on how much market share they've gained this generation compared to last and how fast/aggressively they've done it.

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TongkatAli2070d ago

I love Microsoft just wish their online was free. I'm learning how to use Excel and Outlook. Loving it.

malokevi2070d ago

People disagreed with you... pathetic.

Whats wrong with MS doing well?

trancefreak2070d ago

@ Unself other consoles most definitely mean PS3 as well. I am sure the term others doesn't refer to Microsoft alone.

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NYC_Gamer2070d ago

Hmm...awful numbers but its expected for hardware that been around for 8 years.

Dlacy13g2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

While I agree the numbers are aweful and its an 8yr old console. Its rather frightful to see them at #1 with 130k and 42% of the sales when all 3 of the the other consoles being tracked are newer in terms of age.

AngelicIceDiamond2070d ago

I hope MS has a team that still promotes the 360 even after the brand new Xbox hardware is released.

Grats to MS, just in time for the #XboxReveal next week.

rainslacker2070d ago

All numbers are pretty low. Might be the time of year, or looming next-gen, but the report said software sales were down 10% YOY. Seems the total sales among all consoles was about half of predictions.

kreate2070d ago

Could be that the US market is getting smaller.

LOL_WUT2070d ago

Way to go Microsoft keep it up ;)

Jek_Porkins2070d ago

Well now that Microsoft is expected to announce the next Xbox in less than a week, I'd expect worse and worse numbers all around. Current hardware and software will steadily decline, but it's still impressive that the Xbox 360 came out on top of the NPD yet again.

Snookies122070d ago

Good point, I think at this point people are starting to save up for the next-gen consoles. Which is a wise move. Can't wait for E3. :]

adorie2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

I'm not impressed. Microsoft spends most of their advertisement money within the U.S. Their ads are still in a lot of places, as compared to "everywhere!", from before.

Good for them, though. I can't take anything away from their success with feeble words. That's for sure.

Edited for grammar. :T

DeadlyFire2070d ago

Well many have not invested from the PS2 era. So we could see X360 and PS3 sales grow as a price drop looms after next gen consoles are announced in full detail at E3. I suspect Nintendo will deliver a $50 price drop for WiiU this holiday season. PS2 actually got a booast in sales when PS3 launched. PS3/X360 could get the same if the pattern lands again. :)

Numbers are not bad, but I do find it funny this news breaks as Sony is about to take the global sales crown from them. Sony needs to do more in the US for its next console to surpass Microsoft in the three major regions. Microsoft on the other hand needs to push for some Japanese development on its console. Europe seems to be pretty much split, but with Sony leading for now.

Dlacy13g2070d ago

April NPD's are a train wreck for console hardware.

Xbox #1 at 130k w/ a 42% share of market.

That means PS3, WiiU & Wii are sharing approx 180k units between the 3.

rainslacker2070d ago

Is it normal for NPD to not report the other numbers for systems? I went looking for them but couldn't find anything other than things that linked back to this report.

Either way, it seems all the consoles sold less than predicted. I believe one estimate had 360 at 260K, and the PS3 around 180K. Not sure about the Wii/WiiU.

Dlacy13g2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

NPD allows for companies to comment on their sales only. Sony stopped discussing their NPD sales numbers a good year and a half ago if not longer. Nintendo is hit and miss on numbers depending on if they are good and MS reports mainly because they still hold #1 in north America so its become a bit symbolic for them to continue to show their #1 ranking in north America.

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