Official Xbox News Site "Xbox Wire" Launched

Official Xbox News Site "Xbox Wire" Launched

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PigPen1984d ago

Isn't that Reggie from Nintendo slogan. I know what you saying though!

Jek_Porkins1984d ago

Really cool idea, so it's like the PlayStation Blog? I liked that idea and I like this one. More interaction is definitely needed and this is a very nicely set up site.

MaverickStar71984d ago

Agreed. They always had the standard news and advertising on xbox. com, but it was generic. Major Nelson and the now defunct Gamerscore blog added some more community stuff, but things were just all over the place. The Playstation blog has always been great.

Blaze9291984d ago

wow i forgot about the gamerscore blog haha

ZodTheRipper1983d ago

How could any gamer not be curious what MS has to show? It's still a whole new console. But being curious is not the same as being interested.

JeffGUNZ1983d ago

Yeah it is. If you're curious about something, you're interested in it. Doesn't mean you it's positive all the time, you just have some interest to what they may show. If you hear a noise in the bushes and you're curious about it and check it out, it shows you're interested in finding out what is there. Sure, it might be a naked lady and it's you're happy, or it may be a brown bear and your disappointed.

whoyouwit041984d ago

they must have tons of news if they have to make a official site for it.

from the beach1984d ago

I can't take any more pictures of that damn tent!

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The story is too old to be commented.