EA Has No Games in Development For Nintendo's Wii U

"We have no games in development for the Wii U currently," company spokesperson Jeff Brown told Kotaku yesterday. He did not rule out the chances of EA developing for the Wii U again. EA publishes many of gaming's biggest franchises, including Madden, The Sims, and Battlefield.

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NYC_Gamer1983d ago

Nintendo fans don't care anyway though

miyamoto1983d ago

translation: they did not care for Dead Space on Wii anyway. this problem goes way back there. and now EA and Nintendo settled it once and for all. Next will be Activision.

BeZdaBest1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

honestly MOST company dont even try for nintendo..
they throw out a crappy port.. or a games with no dlc... and expect people to buy this...

make a great game and then if it dont sell... just pack it up...

dont be mad because nintendo aint let you do there online system...sore losers

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LOL_WUT1983d ago

It's true the Nintendo diehards don't care and what's more saddening is that they act like there's some sort of conspiracy going on. Where's all the hate for Rockstar? Bethesda? And the other many developers excluding the Wii U? But yet Nintendo is not at fault...

Until Iwata decides to open up his checkbook and pay for 3rd party support I don't ever see this changing. ;)

MurDocINC1982d ago

Besides EA sports and battlefield, EA has nothing good left. By the time they do something, Wii U will be selling good and they'll be forced to support it.

N4g_null1982d ago

This move will kill EA first not nintendo. no sega game sold 20 million in multiple franchises. EAs own milked franchises are not selling on pc also and origin is getting kicked in the teeth by steam. nintendo just eet their sights to high and tried to make deals with the next bug loser in publishing. first thq now EA.

some thing tells me EA is not ready for the next xbox or ps4. console gamers do not like battlefield or crytek. they will be waiting on more movie like games from sony and a better online service in live. so EA has no where to expand now that they can't aquire a new market.

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SilentNegotiator1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

One of the biggest publishers in the industry? Who needs 'em?!

Just give me Mario Kart 8 and some remastered Zelda.

SegataSanshiro1983d ago

I speak for Sega in this site.I

PigPen1983d ago

Sega says Hi; to Sony first then looks at Nintendo.

lilbroRx1983d ago

Last I checked, SEGA produced a ton of million sellers on the Wii.

So yeah, SEGA says hi and I'm looking forward to what they have in store for the consle. So long as the Wii U has the support of good devs like SEGA, I see no problem.

Rainstorm811983d ago

Yay Sega!!! Forget Rockstar or EA, Sega is here! They brought their awesome franchises like Bayonetta and Sonic of the dead and.....Aliens CM?.......o_O.......uh oh

SilentNegotiator1983d ago

Sega Dreamcast? They didn't have EA support, either.

BeZdaBest1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

biggest difference between sega and nintendo is..that nintendo has been making a profit on systems sold up to the wiiu and sega was losing money on the sega cd,32x,saturn,... 3 fail ventures and ps2 sealed the deal for sega...

nintendo is gonna need like 5 gens losing money like sony was before they start feeling the pressure...and if all else fails...their still the undisputed king of handheld

Tito081983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

@ lilbroRx- Sega's million seller on Wii has being Mario & Sonic Olympics, why? because it has Mario in it, so of course the Nintendo fans/Fanboys will buy it in a heart beat, but the same cannot be said about The Conduit, Madworld, but Sega has being doing great on PS3 with Yakuza, PS360 in regards to multiplats like Vanquish, Sonic is what pretty much does great on Nintendo consoles, but everything else is pretty much out of the picture because of Nintendo's main demographic.

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-GametimeUK-1983d ago

I'm not bothered about this for one simple reason... It is very unlikely that EA would deliver a game that I want on the WiiU. By the time all next gen consoles come around all the multi plat games for the WiiU are just going to be so inferior compared to the next Xbox and Playstation. If EA was supporting WiiU they would only be giving the console watered down multi plats or spin off titles.

If I decide to get a WiiU it will be for the exclusives. Bad news for single console owners who only want the WiiU (I guess), but since I won't be restricting myself to one console it isn't much of an issue for me.

DA_SHREDDER1983d ago

yeah i cant imagine this being a permanent thing

Tito081983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

An scenario that might occur, that's if EA supports Nintendo, they might get some sort of exclusivity, or simply get ports to existing PS360 games, & I wouldn't be surprised if other publishers follow suit, but I think, as long as Sony & Microsoft supports their current consoles, Wii U will have a hard time to sell on the market, I don't really think the Wii U pad will change anything, it's gonna take a couple of games that makes great use of that pad to turn the system around, & they better step up their game up in regards to 3rd parties.

TheDivine1983d ago

I love the WiiU but I would never use it as my only or main console. Then again if it had all the multiplats I could actually see that. This is what keeps Nintendo consoles as complimentary systems vs main systems. GameCube was prob my fav console but I had a ps2 for big third party games. Wii had a dozen of my favorite games ever but I mainly gamed on a 360/ps3. I want a WiiU for Xenoblade 2, SMT, Fire Emblem, Metroid, Zelda, and other first party titles. The fact I can't play stuff like Dishonored, Metro Last Light, Fallout 4, Dark Souls 2, and others makes me keep my ps3 on and will make me purchase a ps4. If they were on wiiu I could hold off 3 or 4 years easily, I didn't get a ps3 until 4 years in.

Even if the games have a higher fidelity on other systems with the power and res were at these days its like playing on medium vs high settings (roughly speaking). I'd be fine with that honestly as most cross gen Ps4/Ps3 games will be fine on my ps3 for the foreseeable future. It's not like a sd wii vs HD ps3 its much closer this time. And as much as people downplay and hate EA they are a monster. Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Dead Space, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, and don't forget the highest selling games sport titles. Many people only buy sport titles and I know some that got a WiiU specifically for madden. Without those titles people will skip this system.

Sure all us gamers older than 14 will buy it anyways but it will still be complimentary. It will be another GameCube unless Nin do something. They turned the 3ds around but it took the best Nin first party lineup ever along with huge third party games people want like SMT4, MH4, RE exc. The 3ds thrived without COD and AC where the Vita fails even with those games but the difference is the 3ds replaces those titles with other exclusives I mentioned. The WiiU lacks both of those so far. Get multis or get big core franchises like MH, SMT, RE, FF, Tales exc.

ChickeyCantor1983d ago

Well they damn well should.

EA is a big publisher, it's not "a gamedeveloper". It houses tons of studios.

The more games a system has the healthier it is for business.
As much as I don't care too much for EA games. It's nothing to be happy about.

THamm1983d ago

Skartlett 100% correct, it's a shame yes, but so late to the cycle. Funny how Dreamcast was too early for it's time

PigPen1983d ago

Skartlett is 100% wrong. Most developers lost steam with the times. To tell you the truth, Fifa is the only game that I look at from EA. No Fifa for Wii U is fair enough, as I look to PES which I will probably purchase anyway. I knew there was no way the Wii could handle GTA 4, which took some sting out of the bite (although they could have ported older versions on Wii). No GTA 5 for Wii U is ugly, but I have my eyes on Watch Dogs. You see what happen there. I think there are enough people out there looking for something fresh. Nails in Wii U coffin, I have my opinion too and I disagree. The writing is on the wall, Sony is literally finished. Microsoft and Nintendo are more likely to outlast Sony. It is always a shame when it comes to Nintendo. Microsoft to face least favorable console for the first time ever, and never taste first. Sony selling buildings and Vita sells being on the market worldwide and over a year+. No shame for them, but always Nintendo right. I might buy one of the other consoles, and that can be a good thing. I am not rich, and if I don't it's fair game. No game is no sell right.

Spookshow1983d ago

Hear my prediction:

"And thus Nintendo took it upon themselves to create their own sports games, and so it happened, much like Nintendo hath done with Sony in the past, EA had just helped create their biggest competitor"

Seriously, EA has been sucking big time lately (bastards screwed DS3); I wouldn't mind to have another take on sports, be it Nintendo, 2k or anyone else. This sports monopoly has to die.

Rainstorm811983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

I wholeheartedly agree......I need a NFL/NCAA game made by developers other than EA Sports/Tiburon

McScroggz1983d ago

I don't see that happening. Sports games aren't exactly Nintendo's demographic, and to think they would create a studio to compete in a market they aren't catering to doesn't make sense.

Although, I do agree that there shouldn't be a monopoly on sports games because competition breeds ingenuity. At the same time, EA just couldn't hang with NBA2k and MLB The Show (though Sony exclusive) is clearly the dominant baseball sim. Sports games seem like they've become a one franchise series, and if you aren't developing the game with the market share then it's probably not profitable.

wampdog291982d ago


People didn't see it happening during the NES era either because sports games weren't Nintendo's demographic, but they did indeed create sports games due to the lack of them...

LAZL0-Panaflex1983d ago

Na na na na.... na na na na.. hey hey hey goodbye.

MYSTERIO3601983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

It seems that the only two main third party companys which are throwing the most support behind Nintendo is Ubisoft & Capcom.

Anon19741982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I've got to say, this doesn't bode well. EA's the king of multi-console ports. EA would port a game to your fridge if they thought you would play. When even EA isn't developing for your platform, that should start sending off all sorts of alarm bells. I've always said, just wait. It's too early to write off the Wii-U yet. If a company like EA is passing though...that's a while different story.

solidt121982d ago

This is really Bad. I have never heard of EA not developing any games for a Nintendo platform.

Mounce1982d ago

Translation of NYC_Gamer:

Nintendo fans are generally ignorant of all things outside of what Nintendo makes themselves.

MostJadedGamer1982d ago

Very, very smart business decision by EA, and yes Nintendo fans do care because it effects how the industry views the console, and it makes other 3rd parties less likely to develop for it.

Remember Dreamcast. EA came out, and said we are not going to support the Dreamcast. That had a big impact on how people viewed the Dreamcast, and lead to the Dreamcast having a very short life.

DonFreezer1982d ago

Why should they care?Why does all the ps drones cry about Nintendo not paying to get developer support and when Microsoft does it they are evil and greedy?Just decide what you want.It's the butt hurt developers job to get the games to the Wii U not Nintendo's.Has Sony paid for 3rd party support?NO so the Wii U should receive the same anything less is black mail.Asking for Nintendo to open their checkbooks while Sony gets their games for free is just laughable.Do you think Nintendo are stupid to follow with black mailing policies Sony puts to the developers?

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lilbroRx1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

You know you can't voice your disinterest in news about EA or any negative news about Nitnendo on N4G.

Nintendo haters want you to suddenly care about companies and games you didn't before whenever they speak negatively towards Nintendo and they want you to feel bad about not being able to buy games that you never wanted to buy before.

Like I've said in the past, someone show me the massive sells of EA games on Nintendo hardware that demonstrate where gamers who buy Nintendo hardware ever cared about EA, ever.

The only people who care about this news are people who don't normally buy and game on Nintendo products which makes no sense.

McScroggz1983d ago

This SHOULD be disconcerting to Nintendo fans because it's narrowing the appeal of the Wii U even more, meaning less support from developers. Plus, variety is always a good thing. Unless you want to ONLY play Nintendo games on the Wii U, news like this should be worrisome. And, even if you have or plan to get multiple consoles, I'd personally still be troubled because it's forcing Nintendo into a specific corner of the gaming industry and who knows what ramifications might occur.

I've said it before, but if you definitely plan to own two or more consoles going forward then it's understandable why you would be apathetic. However, a lot of people only buy one console (at least for a while) and if you are in this category then things like this are irrefutably bad for Nintendo.

jc485731983d ago

I don't even play EA games on any console.