Star Trek: The Game Review I Nerd Reactor

Nerd Reactor: "I’m fairly forgiving when it comes to glitches, but only when they are few and do not break the game. This game, however, is filled with them. I collaborated with fellow NR writer Laura to see what kind of glitches we’ve encountered.

Me: I was in a cutscene and an enemy attacked me out of nowhere, but all I could see was the cutscene and eventually I died.
Laura: I was stuck in mid-air when I jumped over a rock.
Me: I was sneaking around and hiding and Spock was clearly out in the open. None of the Gorns noticed Spock.
Laura: When I killed a Gorn, it froze instead… and I had to restart -_-
Me: A Gorn jumped down from the second story and fell through the ground.
Laura: I had to go into and out of a room SEVERAL times to get the monsters to come out.
Me: A Gorn was stuck and started spinning around. He couldn’t die and he ended up killing me when I got close."

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