Banjo-Kazooie Xbox 360 info coming soon

Regarding the newly launched website, writes: "Speaking to today a Rare representative told us that "gamers can expect updates to the teaser site in the near or immediate future", with the website eventually offering a better teaser than what's currently on show."

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predator3958d ago

this is great news, cant wait to see what Rare can do, if PDZ and Kameo were done when with Rare using hardly any of the power of the 360 i cant wait to see what they can do now.

Rare = one of the best devs out there, and they are british....hehe

God of Gaming3958d ago

Bring it on, can not wait! Lets hope for an 08 release.

Thump19673958d ago

Same here loved the Banjo series hope they revive it on the 360

BloodySinner3958d ago

Another Rare title to add to my collection.

Oilers Fan3958d ago

FINALLY i have been waiting for a platform type of game on my 360 for a while. BTW are there any good games like this out right now? Thanks