Talking To The PS4, Hints Of Rockstar's Agent And Other Secrets

The mysterious figure known as Superannuation digs through the Internet to find secrets companies don't want to announce yet.

All of what Superannuation finds is available to the public. Are these true gaming secrets?

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NYC_Gamer2076d ago

Agent is never ever going to be released

MrBeatdown2076d ago

If that was true of every Rockstar game that took forever to release, we wouldn't have any Rockstar games.

GTA5, LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption, and Max Payne 3 all took years to develop. Two of those were announced five years before release.

Rainstorm812076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

.....and it's been 6 years since Agent was where's gameplay or ANYTHING.

Last years E3 made me give up on these Vaporware games

And if these 2009 screenshots are to be believed it didn't look promising

MrBeatdown2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )


It's been four years. It was announced at E3 2009. In 2007, all that was announced was that Rockstar had a deal with Sony. For all we know, development hadn't even started.

It took Rockstar five years from showing the first footage of RDR to release. It was "Rockstar Old West Project" in 2005. And we didn't hear a thing about it until 2009 (four years!) when RDR was formally announced. Four years of silence, and when we finally heard something, it still took over a year to release.

LA Noire was talked about as far back as February 2004. It got it's title in 2005. Rockstar announced they were publishing it in 2006. Yet we didn't even see the game until 2010. And it still took another year to release.

Rockstar was far enough along in Max Payne 3 to put it in Game Informer in 2009, with a full, in-depth cover story. Then it still took an additional three years for it to release, and there was so little information following the reveal that there was even speculation it was cancelled. Oh, and in 2004, Take-Two's CEO confirmed Max Payne 3 was happening. Eight years later it released.

GTA4 went through two years of absolute silence after it was announced at E3 2005. We didn't hear a thing until spring 2007 when Rockstar did a countdown to the first trailer. And it took another year to release.

Hell, Rockstar even went an entire year without releasing any GTA5 information aside from a screenshot or two after releasing the first trailer, and it had to have been in development since 2008.

I'm not sure why you think Agent is non-existent, considering the ridiculous track record Rockstar has. Just about everything they've released, aside from GTA this generation could have been considered vapor or cancelled at some point, and was talked about waaaay too early. Absurdly long development times isn't the only thing all those games have in common... All of them were eventually released. There's no reason to think Agent will be any different.

Rainstorm812075d ago

Yet Agent breaks precedent, I'm a huge fan of Rockstar and have no doubt IF this game gets released it quality will be excellent....Yet this game only screenshot is from a devs resume? I'm Sorry until I see something Official from Rockstar this game is dead to me.

But by all means keep hope alive .....

abzdine2075d ago

there is so MUCH hype around the PS4, i hope Sony will keep the promises because if they do, PS4 will be the best console ever released.

Let's also hope for a 399$ price point!

loulou2075d ago

R* have bigger fish to fry, and more money to be made from a multiplat GTA V.

the agent, if not vapourware, will come next gen... to both ps4 and nextbox

minimur122075d ago


its being dev'd by rockstar north, they've got their hands full with GTA V at the moment so thats proably why its on delay.

princejb1342075d ago

at least when rockstar announces a game we here news about it every other week to keep the hype up, we havent heard anything about agent except that is coming sometime in the future
we heard of agent way 6 years before gta5 was announced

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Blaze9292076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Oh Agent will be released, on multiple platforms. Now, commence the delusional disagrees captain.

AnotherProGamer2076d ago

Well Rockstar owe Sony a exclusive since Sony funded LA Noire and that went multiplatform

rocky0475862075d ago

That's not going to happen. Sony is funding this game. That's like saying that Resistance can suddenly now be on Xbox since the devs are creating games for multiplat now. If Sony is giving Rockstar money to make them an exclusive game, it will remain exclusive. The ONLY way this game would see another console other than a Sony one is if Sony stops funding it and takes its' money out of it and Rockstar continues developing it with their own money.

CEOSteveBallmer2075d ago

The only one delusional here is you. How stupid is that, funding a game and it will become multiplat?? Genius comment troll

Blaze9292075d ago

@griever137 @rocky047586

lmfao uhh, LA Noire???

Codey472075d ago

@ AnotherProGamer
Sony pulled out of L.A. Noire's funding many moons ago
Apparently due to Rockstars' broken promises and allegedly "bad blood" between Phil Harrison and Brendan Mcslavedriver.

@ Rocky
Well Fuse is going multiplatform, as most of us know, due to Insomniac owning the rights to it's new I.P.

The rights to the Resistance franchise is wholly owned by SCE

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GribbleGrunger2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

What do you mean Mr Bond? I've been playing it for years.

Rainstorm812076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

I agree and anyone who think otherwise is delusional.....we don't have a single screenshot or ANYTHING to suggest that this game will ever see the light of day.

Even RDR, GTAV, MP3, LAN, had tangible evidence that they were in development. As of right now the FF7 remake Last Guardian and FFvs13 has much more hope of releasing before AGENT

I mean come on all we have is a premise and a title graphic. RDR had more than that before it had its Title.......... The game was Announced in 2007....6 YEARS AGO!!!!!!

T3MPL3TON 2076d ago

Yeah. People need to stop even talking about it. It's not coming out. Agent will never happen. At this rate we'll have HL2:EP3 before we get Agent.

rocky0475862075d ago

Did you not read what was above? There was 5 years in between Rockstar announcing Max Payne 3 from them even saying it existed in 2009. Without a single screenshot or anything "tangible" to say it existed. Same thing with LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption, and GTA4 and 5 as well. They just take forever showing and releasing their games and we know why, because they are perfecting it.

And no, you're wrong. Red Dead had nothing more than an announcement. And this Agent game was announced in 2009 not 2007. Get your facts straight sir.

Rainstorm812075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

@ rocky RDR had a trailer when it was formerly known as Untitled PS3 old west project or Red Dead Revolver 2007

I'm sorry every other R* project has had some kind of official release by this time.....but as I said before.....By all means Keep hope alive

TwistedMetal2076d ago

yes it will and once again another playstation exclusive to add to the list with the other 100 on the n4g site while the xbox 360 has none. can you show me andy new xbox 360 exclusives that are new and coming out on this site because theres a million playstation ones plastered all over. no reason not to have one especially with blueray capabilities.

BlmThug2075d ago

Please stop trolling -_- you can make comments without sounding like a child

brave27heart2075d ago

You're an embarressment to the Sony family. Please stop, you're making us look bad.

Cam9772075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

I guarantee that it was put on hold so they can improve GTA:V.
Look at RDR, I think that was first shown in 2005 - I may be wrong.

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Godmars2902076d ago

And so is Duke Nukem. The other was just a publicly released beta.

Lior2076d ago

You mean alpha/concept

Root2076d ago

Well it has to be....they still owe Sony something after they paid for L.A Noires development.

Nitrowolf22076d ago

LA Noir was an awesome game, I really hope they do another one.

Root2076d ago

I liked it but because you were a policeman and you couldn't do a GTA or even Red Dead where you could go around and do what you wanted with it's MASSIVE got pretty boring.

Plus I never liked that stuff like wooden fences weren't able to break despite smashing into them with your would of came in useful for those car chases.

I just hope AGENT being a fully developed rockstar game will offer a GTA like experience where there's lots to do

T22075d ago

La noire is unique but ya it could have been bit more open

IcyEyes2076d ago

Dont give a click to Kotaku ...

jaymart2k2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Agent was a PS2 game originally. It's the next Duke Nukem when it comes to delays.

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