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Despite the DC Universe wrapper, Injustice is a fighting game with rock-solid mechanics and enough features to give it incredibly long legs. However, Netherrealm clearly has deep affection for this universe and its characters, offering up scads of fan service to please DC readers be it minor characters in the background or winking references to the obscure. Fighting game fans, comic readers or not, have a new obsession to while away the time.

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jc485731979d ago

I want a Batman Fighting game in a collaborative project with Namco (Tekken or Soul Calibur team), Rocksteady, Netherealms, and WB. This is more like a dream game I've always wanted because you have so many characters in the Batman universe that it would be nice to see them go at it. No, I want a game that is a little more technical.

PigPen1978d ago

DC Universe vs Marvel would be the ultimate game.