Why E3 Is Important For Video Games: They Grow Up So Fast!

GR: "Let's take GR's time machine way back to 1995. Yes, Valeri Polyakov had just spent 366 days in space aboard the Mir space station (as of January 9th, 1995) and the sound of Gangsta's Paradise could be heard loudly in my room. We're in 1995 so that means it's just about time for the first E3! Before 1995, video games typically showed up at Consumer Electronics Show and other general tech shows. Then IDG's Infotainment World and the Entertainment Software Association made a baby and they called it E3."

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alexcosborn2033d ago

I am super excited. Bring on those pressers!!

ftwrthtx2033d ago

E3 is always a great time for gamers.

Wedge192033d ago

E3 has so many pros and cons, but the pros far outweigh the bad that E3 brings every year. Bring on the future!

doctorstrange2033d ago

*sniff* I remember when they were still little.