Xbox 360 "Repair Guide"? Beware the Scams of March

"Stop!!" shouts the introduction, "Let me save you money before you send that 'broken' Xbox 360 back to Microsoft." Fix your Xbox "by yourself in 30 minutes!!"

Now wait for it...

"100% Guaranteed!"

"56 Day Money back guarantee."

"The best method to fix your Xbox 360 in than [sic] 30 minutes.", which purports to offer a guide that lets you "permanently" fix an Xbox 360 with the so-called "red ring of death" issue, contains all the cadences and cliches of the dreaded "money-grubbing scam artist."

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ThaGeNeCySt4492d ago

I'll look into this when I'm out of warranty.

iAmPS34492d ago

There is another console out there that has Blu-Ray, Cell, Wifi, Free Online and great exclusives this year....

that does not need all that "fixing"... EVER.