Official Sony PS4 site update confirms PS Vita remote play of all PS4 games

Ever since the PlayStation meeting back in February where Mark Cerny showcased how the PS4 game Knack was played remotely on PS Vita skeptics have voiced their concern about the feature. Have this time now come and will this feature now be available when the PS4 launches this holiday? Today Sony updated the official PS4 site with a section supposedly confirming the fact that you WILL be able to play all your PS4 games on go.

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JoGam2683d ago

This is great news. Got a PS3, a Vita 3G and waiting on the PS4. My Playstation family will be complete.

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himdeel2683d ago

And my Vitas battery screams in terror and says somberly, "I'll never be free of that damn extension cord ever again."

Que the music: dun dun daaaaaah

(fade to black)
scene ends

jon12342683d ago

gamestop is selling the official battery charger at a much lower price, its 29.99 rather than 50 bucks, you should jump on that :)

Knight_Crawler2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I am a little confused...does this mean that all developers have to implement the Vita remote play feature like it is with trophies or is it just Sony 1st party studios?

Thanks Snookie...this is good news because it means that developers can focus 100% percent on their game not not worry about other things that will take away time from the single or multiplayer experience.

Snookies122683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

The remote play is actually integrated with the system this time around. I don't believe it requires anything from developers to include it now because of that.


It's hardware enabled. The only question that was hanging out was if developers/publishers could turn the feature off.

I even assumed in another post some days ago we would see most games remotely playable but that publsihers would probably disable it for multiplatforms sold on both systems, but it seens now I was wrong and they just can't control it, which is great news.

extermin8or2683d ago

The only requirement is that they include alternate control mapping for the vita-in the same way they have to provide trophy's :p but it can't take long to sort that out ..

Cam9772683d ago

Where is your PS1, PSX, PS2 and PSP, bro?

DragoonsScaleLegends2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I have had 3 PS1's, 3 PS2's, 3 PSP 1000's, 1 PSP Go, and 2 PS3's. I want a vita but the memory prices keeps me from being able to afford one and im not getting anything less than 32GB.

insomnium22683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )


So you let yourself be left out because of something like that. I have an 8gig card. It cost me 20€ and I manage everything through content manager. Easy as pie.

Ontopic: This news just brought THAT much more value to my Vita. Thanks Sony. Nothing else to say really. Thank you Sony.

Codey472683d ago


I definitely recommend 32gb to anybody, as bare minimum.. as already stated by drpepperdude.

I already have a 32gigger and find myself struggling for precious memory card space. Even with content manager, transferring files From Vita to PS3(and vice versa) can be a laborious task.

Seraphim2683d ago

32GB min isn't nearly enough. They need bigger cards!! Seriously though, yeah, definitely go with the 32GB. Especially if you're a PS+ Subscriber. I went w/ 16GB thinking I should be fine but after my free dl of PSASBR, Uncharted (PS+), Disgaea 3 (PS+), FFVII, Castlevania SoTN, Gravity Rush (PS+) and a couple other randoms I'm already full. Got rid of some junk I probably wouldn't play just to free up a couple gigs... If you're not a Plus subscriber and plan to buy your games on cart 8-16 should be suffice. But the games definitely fill up the card FAST!

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whoyouwit042683d ago

I have a question, with remote play will you be able to play ps4 games any where, or is it limited to the range of your house.

MoonConquistador2683d ago

@whoyouwit04 - Depends on the model, if you have the 3G version and a decent data plan then anywhere you can get a signal.

I have the Wi Fi only version so I need to be in range of a Wi Fi connection, so no, your not restricted to just your own home.

FamilyGuy2683d ago

Anywhere, remote play works through an internet connection. As long as your PS4 is hooked up to the internet and your Vita is getting a strong enough internet signal you can play any game that's on your PS4 from any where in the world.

extermin8or2683d ago

As long as both are connected to the internet-although remember that even with gaikai tech the further away you are the more likely it is to lagg/have bad latency issues.

shadow27972682d ago

It's not going to work through 3G. Sony won't even let you play online games over 3G, why would Remote Play work.

I also question it being able to work very well away from the house. There's going to be latency issues.

FamilyGuy2682d ago

Remote play is like a PCs Remote Access, it's just with games. It's through the internet, there is no need to be anywhere near your home/PS4.

If your PS4 is connected to the internet and your Vita is as well (through wifi only, most likely) then you can play and access the PS4 from anywhere in the world.

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solidt122683d ago

Thank You SONY! im a happy man.

madara0sama2683d ago

Me too! But Vita Wifi only. Playing games on the go. This has something to do with Gaikai.

_QQ_2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

So it takes 2 systems to outdo one?

morganfell2683d ago

Take your jealous based trolling soemwhere else.

BeZdaBest2683d ago


psv + ps4= controller with no l2 or r2 or l3 or r3... small thumbsticks(my hands are big so this is a problem for me)..battery dying every 3-5 hours..

psv using the ps4 as a crutch
thats sounds great..

ShinMaster2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

He meant:
PS4+Vita Bundle > Wii U's GamePad

The PS Vita has rear multi-touchpad which are used as L2/R2 and a multi-touchscreen. Don't be ignorant.
This IS actually great news.

P.S. I have big hands too, but I never complained when playing an NES, SNES, GB, GBA, DS or 3DS. So quit b*tching.

Go rag on the PS Vita somewhere else. You're in the wrong article.

BeZdaBest2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

@shin master.
nah im pretty sure he meant the whole console....

.rear touchpad..its not the same as buttons..
just like with mobile will never be a replacement for real buttons...

its like a 250$ downgraded dualshock 4...

beside the buttons.. no motion rumble..share button..that light at the top.(dont remember whats it for...) basically its missing things that will make it 100% compatible (without doing some awkward runaround)

really how old are you...cus if you had big hand for the most be a monster of some sort..
bitching..N>>>a plz..i dont have time to be dissing console..thats for kids/fanboys..

ShinMaster2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Wrong again. The PS Vita DOES have motion capabilities.

And it's not a $250 DualShock. It's an entire gaming system on its own with gaming and media capabilities beyond that of any controller.

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LAZL0-Panaflex2683d ago

If this is true. This is big. This is big for ps4 and this is big for vita. Game over Xbox.

baodeus2683d ago

so what happen if you can play every xbox games on ipad, mobile phone, etc...that millions already have on the go? What happen if you can also play all pc games on the next xbox or with any xlive/window activated mobile devices?

skyrimer2683d ago

@baodeus do you really expect xbox games to be playable on a phone? I mean, four front buttons and four shoulder buttons plus twin sticks mapped in your screen sounds playable?

baodeus2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )


check some of these out:

You didn't know that there are attachment/wireless controller for mobile devices? If you really want to play game with complicated control scheme on your mobile, you can. They are quite cheap too, not anywhere near $200 a piece.

1. Do you look at the economy or tech trend lately?
2. Do you know that the mobile entertainment (including games) aren't just on 3DS or vita?

man, we live in a world where information are abundant and pretty much free. How come you don't use it to your advantage, you know expand your horizon or at least help you formulate better argument/question next times.

-SIXAXIS-2683d ago

@baodeus: The whole point of streaming to phones was to appeal to the mass market. Does the vast majority of phone/tablet owners have these extensions? NO. So your point makes no sense.

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starchild2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Well, this doesn't seem to confirm what they claim it does. It says play your "favorite" PS4 games, not 'all PS4 games'. But I will say this: IF all PS4 games can be played remotely on the PS Vita and IF all of those games can be played from any wi-fi hotspot remotely then the PS4 and Vita will absolutely rule my gaming world.

If it only allows you to play PS4 games in another part of your house then it really is a pretty worthless feature for me. I don't ever see myself playing on a small Vita screen when I can play on my big screen HDTV.

I am a PC gamer and console gamer, but mostly game on the PC right now. But if Sony makes it possible to play big budget console games on the go, then it's a slam dunk. This would be huge. They will have achieved my dream and I will likely leave behind other platforms and game mostly on the PS4.

extermin8or2683d ago

I imagine it will be possible via WiFi in fact yoshida has said a)all games that use normal controls so move only games won't be playable but all others will-he did suggest that it might not be possible over WiFi at launch till they had all the gaikai stuff up as latency would be to big withouit but that within a year or so he expected it to work over WiFi too etc.

kayoss2683d ago

I cried uncontrollablly when i read this news.

4lc4pon32683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

i have a PS2, PS3 60gb phat, A 160gb Slim and a 250gb super slim, a Vita 3G and im def waiting for my PS4. God sony has spoiled me with some of the best gaming experiences ive ever had

BeZdaBest2683d ago

good.. and know we need games..

DOMination-2683d ago

Now if only Vita had a front touchpad, L2, R2, L3 and R3 and a share button..

Blaze9292683d ago

wonder if this will be another one of those features developers must "choose" to implement...

FlyingFoxy2683d ago

Nobody needs to implement the feature, it's not part of the game but the system, so it will work with everything.

FlyingFoxy2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

This is very good news, but..would 3G streaming be good enough? or will we still need wifi access to get the speeds & line quality over 3G?

OccludedGamer2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

That really depends. See PS4 games will be streaming many Gigabytes of data in a go, much much more than can be streamed directly to Vita.

This data will first need to be compressed very heavily from the PS4 and uncompressed partially on the Vita's end.

Basically It's gonna be hard to say without testing it, But as a guess, I'd expect it to require slightly better speeds than what you need to stream HD video efficiently as it seems like a good target to aim for considering the state of internet speed wordwide

TesMgsFan2683d ago

Mate where is your ps1, ps2 ?

TAURUS-5552682d ago

awesome news ¡¡¡

its amazing how powerful the PS4 will be.

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doctorstrange2683d ago

Ok, as much as I'd like this to be true - favorite does not equal all. Sony lists cross save on your "favorite title" here -

This is simple marketing hyperbole.

We don't even have KZ3 remote play, and that got a full video.

TL;DR - Nothing to see here.

KrisButtar2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

That site is for cross play between PS3 and Vita, not the PS4 and Vita.

"PS4 Remote Play: Screens are mirrored on PS4/Vita (Both on at same time). Hardware does it/not on devs. Start at any time; no special mode."


With the PS3/Vita crossplay it seems like they have to do extra coding and work, but with the PS4 it seems it was built to use this feature, so doing cross play between PS4/Vita doesn't seem like Dev's have to do anything extra to get it to work.

doctorstrange2683d ago

Exactly, Sony say favorite titles have cross play between PS3 and Vita. Most don't.

OccludedGamer2683d ago

That's a load of crap DoctorStrange. I just read over the link and there's absolutely no mention of the line you quoted. The actual line is as follows.

"Remotely access your PS3 from your PS Vita and enjoy particular games and services when you're away from your TV."

That sounds pretty clear to me that it's NOT all of them, rather than marketing hyperbole

despair2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

you're mixing up cross save and remote play. Remote play means its streaming from your PS4 onto your Vita at full PS4 quality and graphics. Cross save is just the same game available to both ps3 and vita and you can share the saves between them.

This article is about remote play not cross save.

doctorstrange2683d ago

My point is that Sony used favorite for cross play, when they didn't mean all. For this story, on streaming, they are using favorite again, so it's illogical to assume this time they mean all.

SoapShoes2683d ago

Cross play /=/ remote play... Cross play means you can play with PS3/PS Vita users on the same server. I see what you're saying but yewles1's post below clarifies it.

despair2683d ago

ah you're right, a little more sceptical now :(

yewles12683d ago

"We ask developers when they finish the PlayStation 4 product and submit a master to make sure that they have the appropriate controller mapping to work on PS Vita. All games will work – unless it is a dance game [laughs]."

insertnamehurr2683d ago

Sony means "your" favourite games like the games youd like to play on ps vita, your comment sounds like we will only play sonys favourite games, we will play any in general but mostly your favourites.

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Makasu2683d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS Vita CONFIRMED!

DA_SHREDDER2683d ago

And without L3 R3 buttons! Joy!!

Gridloc2683d ago

Maybe you've havent heard, but the the Vita has a rear touch pad and a front touch screen so I don't think the R3, L3 will be much of an issue.

himdeel2683d ago

Front touch on screen is way easier IMO than fiddling with the back touch.

majiebeast2683d ago

Didnt they say that it would be real easy for developers to implement this feature? I read that somewhere few motnhs back.

GribbleGrunger2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Developers don't have to implement anything. This is dealt with by the PS4 hardware and Gaikai integration. The only consideration would be control scheme, but giving people an option to map buttons how they like would be very simple.

mamotte2683d ago

How dare you to post a fact here? You'll receive disagrees even if it's a good thing related to the article. Try rumours.

DEEBO2683d ago

I thought sony said they would handle remote-play on their end.that way they wouldn't have to depend on developers to do it for them.i can't wait,i use the wii u gamepad more then my T.V and i have some nice screens plus a projector screen.but being able to play my games and watch t.v at the same time is really cool.