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From the preview: "After the grand reveal in September last year, Fuse has been a rather polarizing title. Originally titled Overstrike with an aesthetic reminiscent of 'No One Lives Forever,' and 'Team Fortress 2,' Fuse is the divisive re-imagining that took the game in a grittier direction. For me personally it hasn't been so much about how the game looks, I yawned when I saw the original E3 reveal of Overstrike, so this change for Fuse wasn't really that big a deal to me. I'm all about the gameplay, and the initial reveal showed a lot of promise. Playing it after the reveal still felt really good, but was still obviously very early and some key things like balance and features weren't totally in place back in September. Cut to two weeks ago, in San Francisco on a near final build, I walked in a skeptic. What I left with was questioning why I'd doubt Insomniac in the first place."

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