Nintendo Flexing Copyright Clout on YouTube Let’s Play Channels

Nintendo is reportedly issuing “content ID match” claims on Let’s Play videos featuring their game franchises, according to prolific YouTuber Zack Scott, who is currently playing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

Scott noted that Nintendo made content ID matches against a number of his videos, thus preventing him from monetizing those videos on YouTube.

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PlayStation_41983d ago

Got to make up for Nintendo's Wii U losses somehow

StraightPath1983d ago

this will hurt a lot of Youtube channels who make money from it who just upload game videos and provide commentary and a lot of sheeps just watch. Other companies may follow suite soon then guess a lot of peoples income will be cut drastically.

dennett3161983d ago

What losses? If they sell a game with the system, they head into profit. I doubt anyone will buy the system without a game, so I don't think they've lost a thing on Wii U.

General Shrooms1983d ago

They still need to sell many more just to cover the initial investment.

I'd bet they're still in the red.

3-4-51983d ago

To be honest..99% of the "Let's play" are embarrassing to watch..Not for me..but for the people doing them.

Why is it always some weirdo who HAS to do all the voices for the dialog, instead of just reading them normal?

And all the voices are pretty much the same cheesy non talented voice.

It's cringe-worthy and I'm usually embarrassed for them.

Not even trying to be mean but sometimes all I want is to watch a gameplay video so I can get the gist of what the game is about....

I don't want to listen to Fat Sal and his monster voice...

Jek_Porkins1983d ago

This is unfortunate, I don't think Nintendo realizes that people sometimes buy their games based off these things. Surely more exposure for your games are a good thing?

just-joe1983d ago

You know they're not deleting the videos, right?

dennett3161983d ago

They're not deleting them, just stopping people monetizing the videos that use their content. Talking nonsense over game footage is not the same as creating anything...LP'ers aren't content creators, and they shouldn't be entitled to make money based on other people's assets.

Ol_G1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

I don't really think it's good for alot of games .
COD ok Fifa ok but Final Fantasy GTA Batman any adventure rpg or story driven game will have the whole plot on youtube not very good for people who like the stories
no reason to buy now

illustratedDEO1983d ago I don't even....where's my shovel I gotta start digging a grave next to where SEGA is laid to rest.It's been fun Nintendo.

admiralvic1983d ago

I miss the days when people did this stuff because they love to game. I run a YT channel with like 500 videos with 2.6 million views last I looked and have done it completely for free and have yet to make a single cent off anything I've uploaded. Perhaps I am an exception, but I just do it because I enjoy doing it...

Dan_scruggs1983d ago

It completely within Nintendo's right to do this. Just imagine how fast movie studios would be on my ass if I had a youtube Let's Watch Movies channel. Where I watch an entire movie with commentary. I'd be sued in a heartbeat. Besides Nintendo isn't saying that they cant upload the videos just that they cant make money on them.

iNcRiMiNaTi1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

I agree that it's their property and they have the rights to claim their property but a Let's play is nothing like a "let's watch." Any movie/tv show is ALWAYS going to be the same for anyone who views it but a game is never going to look the same way twice. Take for example an open world game like GTA, the LP you're watching isn't going to play out the exact same way as it would from a different LP someone else did but the movie/tv show would remain the same

cl19831983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Actually the guys be hind Mystery science theater, do something very similar. They perform their over lay with a rent/own able movie. Then they have you sink up their commentary with a point in the movie and they make money for their work not the studios.

@ Dan_scruggs, yes on mst3k, but now they have rif trax which is what I'm talking about, sorry I forgot the new projects name.

Dan_scruggs1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

They had to purchase the rights or come to an agreement with the owners to use every movie they watched on MST3K. That is why they were old movies or movies that have had their right expire and have become public domain. Movies that are 50 or 60 years old. Using MST3K as an equivalent example is a poor excuse because something tells me that no one would want to watch a Let's Play of Atari 2600 games. If I put up a video series call Let's Watch The Avengers my entire Youtube account would be taken down no questions asked.

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