Nintendo vs. YouTubers: Who’s right?

From the article, "On one hand, Nintendo has the right to make sure content it owns is portrayed in the way it wants. It also has the right to make money from its property. But there is a grey area here that I think goes beyond copyright law. Let’s Play videos are, in a way, a form of free advertising. Content creators build up loyal audiences and turn them on to games they may not have otherwise considered. These videos also result in additional game sales for video game companies. It’s reasonable to think game companies overlook copyright claims because it’s getting something much more valuable in return – new customers. They tell their friends, those friends tell other people and the trend continues. However, this is obviously about money to Nintendo more than anything else. And for that, it makes the company come off as petty."

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SilentNegotiator1985d ago

Youtubers. If a person is going to settle for WATCHING a playthrough, they were never going to play it. You don't even remotely get the experience from watching as PLAYING.

And I agree with the "free advertising" aspect because there have been lots of times that I watched some of Let's Plays to decide whether or not to buy a game.

TripC501985d ago

Nintendo....Fo sho....See what I did there yo? I rhymed bro. Oh no. I can't stop the flow. From my head to my biggest toe. How to stop, I don't know. My maturity, it will never grow. Somebody hold me back, bring me to a slow, before I start a mini rap show. My mind is about to blow. I see the light, now it's all aglow. Tell my momma that I love her so.....Ah!! I'm sticking with my main man Miyamoto. Save me from King Koopa Mr. Mario. But not on Youtube that's a No No...Holy crappers its late I gotta go.

Jek_Porkins1985d ago

Sad fact is that Nintendo is right, the terms of service clearly state we don't actually own the rights to the games we buy. It just sucks that smaller Youtube people lose that piece of the pie. Wonder if Wii Viewer is going to take a hit?

krontaar1985d ago

Nintendo, obviously. I hate "lets plays", I really dont understand the point of them. Just play the game yourself. That and the fact that the people playing them are always obnoxious, entitled babies.

M-M1985d ago

I think "Lets Play" videos are for those who would rather watch the game being played(I have a few friends who like watching others play, instead of them doing it themselves), and/or they don't have enough money to buy every game they want, so they just watch people play the game. I do agree that there are too many of them though.

elhebbo161985d ago

So because you hate it other people have to? Lets plays are like free advertisment, some people dont know if they want to buy a guy until they see gameplay and thats totally understandable.

jon12341985d ago

some of the types of videos are cool, especially with games i love, watching my friends play fallout, and im also watching a guy on youtube play demon souls, another game i love so much, im willing to watch people play it

jessupj1985d ago

Quote from the last paragraph:

"Nintendo has a right to make content ID claims, but this was a bad move for public relations. People are going to view this situation as Nintendo taking money from blue collar YouTubers purely out of greed. That’s not the image Nintendo needs right now. It needs all the exposure and goodwill it can get (especially for the Wii U)"

I pretty much agree with that. While I believe Nintendo does have the right to place ID claims of videos of their first party games, by doing so they will start to be compared to the likes of MS and EA; greedy companies that don't have any passion for the industry, they're only concerned with pleasing shareholders.

Honestly, I have never owned a Nintendo console and as a core gamer the Wii U does not tempt me in the slightest, but at least I can admit Nintendo makes amazing games and has a real passion for the industry. If they keep going down this route I'll probably be putting them in the same category as Microsoft.

Embolado1985d ago

How can you have not owned a Nintendo console? I guess this was bound to happen, I officially feel old.

Nintendo has a track record of protecting the property fierce. Unfortunately I does paint them in a negative light in some eyes.

admiralvic1985d ago

The problem with this and most likely all of these rash "Nintendo is evil due to what they did to YouTube" articles is the fact that they're going to be extremely bias and to a degree, quite manipulative.

To give you an idea, the use of Blue-Collar (hard manual labor) is used incorrectly here, since this is without a doubt a White-Collar (office) job. However, by using the term Blue-Collar, they're needlessly trying to widen the gap between them and Nintendo to ideally make far worse than they really are.

The simple fact is, this whole argument is something of an oxymoron. Lets look at another quote from the article in question.

"Would I mind if someone took one of my YouTube videos, repackaged it and made money from it? Yes I would"

If you simply flip it to, "Would I mind if someone took my game, repackaged it and made money off it?", you basically have Nintendo's argument. The fact is, Nintendo made the game or at least published it and effectively hold all the rights. Nothing entitles me, you or them to make money off their work, even if your "experience is unique" or you add some "quality voice overs", since you're still effectively making money off Nintendo's copyrighted material. In the end, it's all circular logic and at the end of the day, no one here can deny Nintendo owns the content.

Now do I think this makes Nintendo look like a worse company? Believe it or not, I don't. In fact, I think it makes the YouTubers look far worse if you ask me. There are a lot of outstanding gamers (like myself) who upload videos to YouTube, simply because they want to get the word out there or enjoy doing it. If these people care more about the money (even if it's the principal, which sounds pretty petty), then it really brings into question why they're doing it in the first place. I game because I like to game, I upload videos because I enjoy doing that and I help those that need it because they need it, not because I can make a profit from their views.

1985d ago
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