Nintendo Direct scheduled for Friday, will focus on Wii U

A new Nintendo Direct broadcast will take place on Friday 17 May at 3pm. This new show for Europe will be focused on Wii U games that are coming up this spring and summer.

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richierich1984d ago

I hope they show something new tomorrow but then again I wont get my hopes up

lilbroRx1984d ago

Why? They've shown something new at every Nintendo direct to date.

LOL_WUT1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Same here @richierich I hope Nintendo show something NEW FOR THE Wii U and not just talk about games we already know are coming unless they give release dates. ;)

Edit: Or show some gameplay.

StraightPath1984d ago

excited to see what is in store for the Wii U.

herbs1984d ago

I'm hoping for a new Retro made Metroid seeing how this is the month of Metroid. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

_QQ_1984d ago

Reggie did say we would find out what retro is working on really soon

Biohazard88601984d ago

I'm not getting my hopes up...

PigPen1984d ago

I want to see traile(s) for Bayonetta 2. Super Smash Bros should be playable at E3. I think a 3D Mario will be playable or we should at least see a trailer. Nintendo might announce a Pilot Wings, Star Fox, Animal Crossing or Mario Party game. A new trailer of the Monolith Soft X game. Like all of the above, but I want Nintendo announce a few new games.

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The story is too old to be commented.