New Nintendo Direct tomorrow, focusing on Wii U spring/summer titles

It’s that time again – a new Nintendo Direct is coming.

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ritsuka6661982d ago

Yup, Nintendo must be preparing some bombs for Fall and Winter.

LOL_WUT1982d ago

Let's just hope Nintendo can actually deliver this time around ;)

Highlife1982d ago

Hopefully smash bros, and Mario kart. The only reason I bought the system. Same for wii and GameCube. I guess it says how good I think those games are.

--Onilink--1982d ago

Even though I know its just going to be a recap for the Spring/summer titles, which is nice by itself. It would be great if they give us a little tease at the end about some of the new games we are going to see in the next ND, that way we can already begin the hype for them

_QQ_1982d ago

They always give some end tease game at the end of directs, monlith's X,DK 3ds, LOZ link to the past sequal, i just hope reggie is giving the end tease.

PigPen1982d ago

My body is ready is a understatement. This is what I been waiting for a while now.

dedicatedtogamers1982d ago

Is it unusual that I'm most excited for what Nintendo might announce this year? Say what you will about their blunders with the 3DS and Wii-U, but they still know how to surprise. Last Nintendo Direct they announced Link to the Past 2...

3-4-51982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

K so Tomrrow's is for Wii U + 3DS Summer games

The Direct in June is for all the unknown Wii U games in the future.

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jcnba281983d ago

I love the way Nintendo just surprises us the day before with their Direct announcements. Roll on E3!

nthstew1982d ago

good for Nintendo..Its never too late.

Crillvirus811982d ago

Me too that's what I love about Nintendo directs they come out of no where lol

Neonridr1983d ago

Interested to see what's in store for it.

Nevers0ft1982d ago

I'm just expecting clarification of a few release dates and no major *new* info on upcoming games. The blurb on the Nintendo website pretty much confirms this: “We’re having a Nintendo Direct tomorrow to provide updates on upcoming summer Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games. …We’ll discuss future Wii U titles for fall and onward in a Nintendo Direct before the start of E3 2013.”

So tomorrow will just be to help us prepare our wallets for the summer. They're holding the big autumn/winter release news back for around E3.

MilkMan1983d ago

Got my fingers crossed. Hope they don't [email protected] this up.

yugovega1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

a lot of virtual console titles, re:revelations, game and wario, pikmin info, and super luigi u. hmm wonder what else they will show?

it would be great to get a wind waker hd release date. im hoping for September so I'll have the cash for all the holiday games too.

--Onilink--1982d ago

nah.. i dont think they will give WW info on this particular ND. This one seems more for Release Date clarification. Then another one in a week or 2 for the new game announcements.

If I had to guess, it will be footage/release dates/new info on Game & Wario, Resident Revelations, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3 and maybe even WiiFitU. Plus 3DS games footage

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The story is too old to be commented.