Fuse sequel hinted at by Insomniac CEO

The upcoming co-operative third-person shooter, Fuse, is a completely new intellectual property developed by Insomniac Games. It may be the the start of a new franchise also.

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RuleofOne343 2034d ago

Cool another buy when released,still can't wait for the first one out on the 5/28. Go insomniac

Sevir2034d ago

I've always been a fan of insomniac, so I'm definitely gonna give Fuse a go.

linkenski2034d ago

I must admit even though i liked it, that it feels like a game that got EA'd. It has all the traditional TPS elements in it, like cinematic melee, convenient cover-like objects throughout the level, uncharted-ish climbing and cool guns. It's fun but admittedly it feels generic.