ZTGD | Soul Sacrifice (Vita) Review

Ryan Wombold writes: Soul Sacrifice is the timeless story eternally retold of a prisoner, locked up by an evil sorcerer, who finds a magical talking book (that cries collectable tears) which happens to contain the story of a sorcerer from the past. Reliving that sorcerer’s story through the book allows players to gain a measure of his power, with the ultimate goal of besting their captor and escaping confinement. Ok, so maybe it’s not a timeless story endlessly retold, but it certainly is an interesting one. It’s also one that Soul Sacrifice takes great care to ensure players get sucked into. With unique, engaging game play to go along with the narrative this is a sacrifice Vita owners will certainly be willing to make.

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a_bro2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

i just beat the game, give me a tear of happiness of the decision i made :)