Ubisoft Planning to Release Games More Frequently

Assassin's Creed and Far Cry publisher says its network of 26 studios and over 7,000 developers will allow company to ship major franchises more regularly.

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maxcon1982d ago

Is that even humanly possible?

Codey471982d ago

Yet another way to make your franchises.........stagnate.

Quality not quantity, Ubi!

pr0t0typeknuckles1982d ago

just for the love of god make a good PoP game

nick3091982d ago

I dont mind yearly release for the games i like.people complain when game takes time to make , so im ok with ubisoft.

Codey471982d ago

Neither do I, mind yearly releases.... nor do I mind games being delayed if it's to optimize "broken" mechanics/gameplay.

I'm fine with Ubisoft developed games. What I don't want to see is a franchise being handed to multiple developers and a three month time line between releases.

fsfsxii1982d ago

3 months between every release?? the industry would be flooded with games, broken ones, and 1983 would repeat

YodaCracker1982d ago

Yes! It's about time Ubisoft! I can't wait to play Assassin's Creed V and VI next year!

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