PSM Video Podcast Episode 6: PS3 total tour and more

Part of the fun of finally getting your hands on a PS3 is exploring its nooks and crannies. And given the PS3's tech-power, expect a lot of exploring ahead of you. But if you don't want to waste any time finding you way around your spanking new console, PSM's Video Podcast Episode 6 will give you a head start.

This episode features a total tour of the PS3's XMB, the different icons on its desktop and the functions they provide. Serving as the PS3 tour guide is a Sony rep, so he knows what's he's talking about. You get to visit some of the PS3 sweet spots, such as bluetooth, photos and images and music features and basically everything else.

One particularly interesting thing he mentioned is that the PS3 reads music in iTunes, mp3 and ATRAC formats, making it a game console and a digital jukebox as well. He also demonstrated how games are booted in the PS3.

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kingboy5892d ago

Earlier this morning i posted a vid of the ps3 taking in a dics and haters got crazy on me.Well i`m back again with another vid showing more details ...

HyperBear5892d ago

But youve got to admit that last video you posted, was a load of crap. Like i can make that same video about the 360 of it opening and closing, and then it would be ok right?. No. But this Video actually showed what we can all expect from our PS3's when we get them and turn them on. Although the PR guy didnt even know the difference between that one saved folder and the other, and he didnt really know a lot about it., but still, a good video non-the-less and yea, Nov.17 is coming closer and faster than ever.

CAPS LOCK5892d ago

it wont work for me it says loading forever, the page never loads...

12Volt5892d ago

That thing is so sweet, its an electronic milestone in video gaming. There is so many features headed our way, and that PR guy was n00b, if he really spent the time with the PS3 he would be enthusiastic to talk about everything it can do... oh well.

What did he say about the daytime and nitetime? I cant understand him...

I love the XMB!

Siesser5892d ago (Edited 5892d ago )

It will load, it just takes FOREVER (seriously, I'd left the window open by accident, and a while later, it started playing). If you have iTunes, it's a lot easier to just download the podcast from there. It's fast and its free. Just go to the iTunes Store and search for "PSM," without the quotes

DJ5890d ago

I love the way the system starts up, like an orchestra that's tuning up. Everything about it screams Hi-class and Hi-tech.