Resident Evil Revelations Demo - full 10 min playthrough

A video showing off the full Resident Evil Revelations demo which released yesterday on consoles.

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Kinger89381984d ago

Why watch a video of a demo everyone can now download at 440mb-ish and actually play it themselves?

Seems a tad silly

calibann1984d ago

Not everyone is sat at home, able to play video games all day. Also, I'd never heard of this game, and now that I've seen it in action, I can see it's not for me. Saved me wasting my time downloading it.

Kinger89381984d ago

Are you implying that i am?

Seriously man 10 minutes isnt all day, and as a user of a site like this im suprised you wouldnt have heard of it

Either way yes it was a waste of time lol

GABRIEL10301984d ago

Revelations is an expensive, outdated and ugly game.

Iltapalanyymi1983d ago

already played througt the demo before it was released here. got it from japan store earlier and enjoyed it a lot. it was pretty damn good i guess.