Blu-ray's Reward: It Becomes A Hacker Target

In a statement loaded with unabashed glee, SlySoft, the Antigua-based maker of DVD copying software, claims to have cracked the digital locks on Blu-ray, and says its next version of AnyDVD software will make copies of Blu-ray discs in unprotected form.

Keep in mind, Blu-ray's relative ability to keep hackers at bay was supposedly a factor in its victory over HD-DVD (big piles of cash helped, too). SlySoft cracked Toshiba's now-defunct HD-DVD format last year. What's more, SlySoft claims to have kept the hack a secret until it was sure Sony's Blu-ray had won the format war and Toshiba's

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decapitator4496d ago

The cat and mouse game again. Glad Sony is releasing a BD patch this month, that should bring all of this back to square one again.

killer_trap4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

well unfortunately for sony this is not a cartoon, it's real life. and in real life the cat catches the mouse %95 of the time. hackers now can concentrates their efforts on the sole survivor of the HD era and run around it's security. we've seen it many times before and it always ended the same way, hackers win.

Sayai jin4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

I think they the Blu-ray camp will accept this reward, it is a small setback compared to winning the formt war against HD DVD. It was only a matter of time. Sony will release a patch to help against this, but Slysoft will release an update to counter. Back and forth we go.

kewlkat0074495d ago

Same goes for MS and it's OS...etc

Why can't people understand, as long as, hackers are challenged, or a piece of Software/Hardware presents a challenge, they will continue to Hack. It's like a 9-5 job for these people.

Imagine in places like China where the laws are somewhat open-ended and not much jurisdiction.

Yeah small price to pay, for winning but there will always be a "Price to Pay" or is it "A price you won't Pay".

Ares844495d ago

It happens all the time. Hackers hacked DVD's , PS1, PS2 games, Xbox games...everything you can imagine.

hunter214495d ago

its not a surprise to me, no matter how many patch sony will release, hackers will never stop hacking it, until they get what they want. sony are so lucky that until now there ps3 and bd are still not that fully hack. and they can still counter the hackers.

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The story is too old to be commented.