Viking: Battle for Asgard - War is Hell Trailer

This is the bloodiest war of vengeance and brutality ever.

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MK_Red4499d ago

Is this game made for me!? Seriously, the commentary on vid was just what I wanted. This game is on my buy list now. Blood and body parts! Bloodies war ever!? Hell yeah!

Awesome trailer and find :)

dachiefsman4499d ago

i am excited about it too...not to buy though....buying will become an option if the game play is fun like God of War or if it has some rpg elements in it....

MK_Red4499d ago

The video gameplay vids I've seen showed a really simple fight gameplay and light RPG elements. I think it's more a rent game but since it's so bloody and gory, I have no choice but to by. I collect as many violent games as I can. Gore hound here!

dachiefsman4499d ago

i like blood, guts, and violence as well....I just hate spending 60 bucks on something and watching it collect dust after I beat the game....I have been using gamefly but I am beginning to see their system of sending out games sucks..

Jinxstar4499d ago

I too am stoked. I love viking's. I hope it is as good as I am thinking. can't wait for reviews. even if they are bad Ima buy it unless they are horrible like Conan(Huge Conan fan but that game sucked).

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AppleSlime4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

In terms of gameplay, at least. Certainly not a bad thing, though, and the scale of the battles looks pretty epic. It should be worth a rental.

JelalTrueshot4499d ago

GamingShogun video still works.