Electronic Arts Explains Why It Is Abandoning The Online Pass

Game Informer - We had a chance to talk with Electronic Art's VP of corporate communications, Jeff Brown, and he spoke towards why EA has decided to abandon online passes.

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tigertron1981d ago

Good going EA! finally a positive step in the right direction.

Hopefully other publishers will abandon their attacks on the used games market.

JoGam1981d ago

By getting rid of the online pass it gives EA more opportunity at micro transactions sales.

abzdine1981d ago

dont be fooled guys, a company like EA doesn't do charity!
the only valid reason they give up with the OP is that they didn't earn as much as they expected they would. it's as simple as this!

the good thing is that lots of consumers have decided not to buy EA products and you all can see it worked in the end.

MestreRothN4G1981d ago


My bet is that they have something far worse in mind.

No second hand sales, for instance.

Blank1981d ago

Both Jogam and abzdine got it on the head but im not going to discredit this great move by EA but my issue is the microtransactions do away with that and I will personally have more EA games on my radar for now its indie gaming, sony 1st party, vita, xbox region free shmups, and certain major releases from all platforms ; )

Oh_Yeah1980d ago

Yeah but those micro transactions are things like gun packs, car packs, costumes, extra bs side missions, upgrades to make the game easier etc. Nothing that I find worth it or that actually improves the game. The problem is online passes that stop you from playing the other half of the game, glad they've dropped it. Now for xbox live to drop their pass that they put on every game by default.

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StraightPath1981d ago

Hope greedy Sony and Ubisoft and other companies follow this. Dumb they thought this will increase sales.

Simon_Brezhnev1981d ago

You know they doing this for a reason. They must found a way on next gen to block used games.

Eldyraen1981d ago

That was actually my first thought ;)

Sad but true even if they don't do it (the easy assumption that it was why they scrapped online passes).

ltachiUchiha1981d ago

This is great news, I think ea is trying to turn themselves around from being named the worst gaming company out there & all the sim city gamers who were pissed from the online thing. This is a good start for ea.

Majin-vegeta1981d ago

Just to show my thanks EA im going to buy 5 copies of BF4 one for me and the other 4:for friend
Im a big supporter of Sony but im hoping they do away with this crap also.If people buy a game used they can still make money when people buy DLC.

strigoi8141981d ago

shits i guess EA is planning to do the intro or chapter oneof their game as a DLC now

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