Why PSN beats XBLA

Issue 13 of the free PlayStation 3 magazine, P3Zine, includes all the usual previews and reviews, but also has an editorial on how PSN is starting to show a different and more exciting trend to XBLA. Looking at the lists of the top 10 titles on both platforms, they comment "You could argue that it merely shows that Xbox Live Arcade appeals to a different audience to PSN, but that’s missing the point. Sony’s list is the one which will make heartening reading to small independent developers, proving that even those ideas that might seem relatively niche can have huge success at the right price. Seeing the superb Flow in pole position is particularly satisfying..." and go on to argue how Sony has managed to make a better platform for downloadable, casual games.

You can download the magazine here, or go straight to the page inside the magazine here. All you need is Adobe Reader 6+ installed. The mag is free.

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Sez 3959d ago

i have to laugh.the pos magazine thinks PSN is better than live. lmfoa. the only thing psn has over live is it's free. thats it. no custom sound tracks, no in-game messaging,no cross-game chat or invites, MS add new games to live every week,live community where you can talk to trixie and major nelson.all PSN has is it's free.

PS360WII3959d ago

it's talking about games to download not online play and matchmaking.

decapitator3959d ago

I like this magazine since it FREE and all but I just can't seem to get the advertisements of it to read it properly..:/

JsonHenry3959d ago

Xbox 360 wins with overall functionality.

But when price is concerned, even though (at this point, it could change) PS3 has a lesser functioning online service at least it is free.

TheTwelve3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Anybody who reads more than 3 of my posts clearly realizes that I believe the Sony Playstation 3 is the best console money can buy right now.

I just state the facts as I see them.

And I'm sorry, but PSN is not yet where Xbox Live is now. In my opinion, Xbox Live is the only thing clearly better than what the PS3 has to offer. Does is make the 360 an overall better system? Heeeeck no.

But PSN still has an "under construction" feel to it.

I do believe, however, that whenever HOME does launch (haha), we will see PSN surpassing the quality of Xbox Live.


EDIT: Some people have noted that this article is talking about the games available. Well, in that case, PSN wins hands down.

Nothing on XBLA is better than
1. Pixel Junk Monsters
2. Pain
3. Super Stardust HD
4. Warhawk
5. Everyday Shooter
6. etc., etc....

sonarus3959d ago

arcade wins on content and functionality, psn wins on originality. There have been quite a few very good games released on psn

MorganX3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Games and PSN don't mix. I also agree the PS3 is the best console. However, XBLA has no peer, it's not even close. I have not purchased a single PSN game and it's not intuitive. With no currency transparency (i.e. Microsoft Points) I might as well be on a PC on a web site ordering something.

Content Let's see:

Geometry Wars
Prince of Persia (Sweet, but short like Heavenly sword)
Texas Hold 'em
Chessmaster Live
Pinball FX
TRON (original arcade)
Feeding Frenzy (yes)
Pac-Man CE
Heavy Weapon
Lumines Live!
Cloning Clyde
Aline Hominid
Penny Arcade (coming soon)
Pinball FX

That's just the one's I bought and play. It's simply not close. Having said that, Wipeout HD, if it has the specs advertised and performs at 1080p, 60fps, will trump all those. After all, that's why I bought a PS3.

The service, Home isn't goign to do it. I think Sony should just bite the bullet and copy much of what MS has done with Live!

Edit: The vast majority of XBLA with online multiplayer and seamless in-game voice and chat.

TheTwelve3959d ago

Only game on that list that appeals to me is Chessmaster Live. We need that on PSN. The 90% of the rest of that list are re-hashes.

Pixel Junk Monsters alone tops them all. :)


c-redz3959d ago

hahaha did you say ms points.... how kiddish can you get... that statement by u is re-dunk-u-lous

MorganX3959d ago


Chessmaster is a rehash :>, Wipeout HD is a rehash, GTA IV is a rehash. Good games never die, they just need a new coat of paint. Prince of Persia is phoenomenal next-gen rehash of 2d platformer. You shoudl check it out.

They just don't make arcade games like they use to. So, don't reinvent the whell, just repaint it.

BTW, Pixeljunk Monsters doesn't appeal to me at all. Don't like it's looks or play. That's why when it comes to arcade games, the more the merrier. One person's Pixeljunk is another person's gem. Also, a game line UNO takes on a whole new dimension with a group of friends and in-game chat.

There's nothing kiddish about MS Points. I would rather buy a bunch of points, and then be able to buy a game online with a couple clicks and no credit card than have to go through the purchase process each time.

Additionally, having currency transparency leads to knee-jerk purchasing. When you're account is loaded up, and you're on the fence, you're more likely to just purchase if all you have to do is click Buy, Confirm, (two clicks) and play a couple minutes later.

I can buy MS Points online and send to my nephew's account 1100 miles away and in 30 minutes he'll have the game and we'll be playing coop with crystal clear in-game voice chat with no lag. You and Sony should see the big picture. There's a reason Xbox keeps on chugging despite an RRoD failure rate that would have doomed most products a long time ago.

Gotta give credit where credit is due, then do what Microsoft does, copy it and make it just a tad bit mo' better. If you improve it just an iota it's not copying anymore, it's ... embracing and extending a good idea.

MorganX3959d ago

Twelve, your comments about Pixeljunk are so far fetched, I have to go ahead and buy the thing and give it another try. I mean, wow.

I might give pain another try too. I like the look, but oh the redundancy.

I still don't think they'll grow on me, but he audacity and sheer madness of your comment has moved me give them another shot. I'm just going to buy them.

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RedSoakedSponge3959d ago

disagree highly. I think the choice on offer for XBLA makes it win hands down.


princejb1343959d ago

what the hell PSN better than XBLA, sorry even though im a sony supporter right now PSN is way below XBLA
XBLA wins hands down

PirateThom3959d ago

PS3 has an internet browser, which offers flash games which are exactly the same level as XNA.