RS: Vegas 2: Cash Prize Team Tournament (360) Sydney Australia: DarkLAN 08 in April!

XboxOZ360 Gamer has announced DarkLAN '08 where teams compete playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 to win cash and more in Sydney Australia April 19.

"It will be held on Saturday April 19th between 9.30am and 4pm . . . it will have a minimum of 8 teams of 4 players competing for the great First Prize of $800, along with some additional second place prizes also up for grab.

So pick your teams well. You could be walking out of there with a nice big fat surprise in your pocket.

There will be additional games of Frontlines Fuel Of War in either 2×2 or 4×4 once numbers are knocked out, with Ubisoft also offering some subsidiary prizes for the 'casual' tournament, but those prizes will be announced later on. JB Hi-Fi will also be supporting the event. So expect some nice surprises from them as well.

Our aim is to give back what we can t the community, while making in-roads into creating a competitive spirit within the console gaming arena. PlayersLounge are a dedicated Xbox360 lounge who are focussed on getting console gaming into the mainstream, just as much as we are.

The entry fee will be $45 per person, this will include the right to play against other "Xboxers" for the Grand First Prize of $800, unlimited use of the consoles available at PlayersLounge during the day (9.30 - 4pm), free food courtesy of Pizza Hut, plus the ability to win additional prizes from other supporters and sponsors on the day."

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