Mario Kart - Pocket-lint First Look review

A year after its first unveiling and 16 years since it first hit our TV screens, Mario with his go-karting escapades is back, but has it been worth the wait? Pocket-lint don their racing gloves to find out.

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kewlkat0074493d ago

Major 1st-party franchises left?

PS360WII4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

Sure they still have Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Star Fox, and F-Zero to name a few.

edit: actually here you go ;)

ChickeyCantor4493d ago

look one disagreed.....=) just fails logic.

i think that question is getting LAME.
First its all about : GFX sux and millions of people go : GFX sucks
And with allot of other lame things we reached: What does nintendo have after this.

bleh >=(

kewlkat0074493d ago

Never did get into Pikmin and Animal Crossings though..

But it seems like, we see these same 1st-party games come out for all of Nintendo's new consoles.....then what?

PS360WII4493d ago

Well it's all similar with all the consoles. Sony and MS just change the names of their characters while Nintendo keeps the same name. 3rd party games is where the differences can make and the Wii with it's selling power is actually making some devs want to put out an actual game for the system rather than what they've been doing with the N64 and GC.

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