UK/Europe PS3 Game Costs Revealed?

RUMOUR: Employees at three separate outlets of GAME, the largest videogame retailer in the UK are claiming they have received information regarding the pricing for PS3 games when the console launches next year.
The three stores allegedly told customers PS3 games are going to cost 115 Euros in Europe, 80 Pounds Sterling in the UK.
Sony reps were not avaliable for comment.

drewdrakes6343d ago

haha, this is a joke right?

RBlaze6343d ago

surely this is only a rumour... they cant release games for that much... can they?

BIadestarX6343d ago

If this is true; Sony must hate europeans.

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zypher6343d ago

eh, i'll need something a bit more official than this to believe it. PS3 games are priced no higher than 360 games in both Japan and (presumably) the US. i can't see why they'd price them so much more in the UK and the rest of Europe.

AP6343d ago

As it says, I'm going to call Sony's PR company and the head offices of GAME tomorrow morning.

Daewoodrow6342d ago

prices aren't confirmed for the US yet. The only prices are estimates from retail outlets. I'm pretty sure they haven't been confirmed in Japan yet either.

uxo226342d ago

When I preordered my PS3 last week, I also preordered a game with it and the game costed me 59.99.

So gamestop at least knows what the U.S. price of game will be. At least for this one they do.