SCEE confirms no in-game messaging in 2.20 PS3 firmware


"SCEE's just confirmed that there will be no in-game chat included in version 2.20 of PS3's firmware, just announced and to be released before the end of March.

"No," said a rep when asked if the functionality would make the update. "Otherwise it would have been included in the press release.""

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Britjadg3864d ago

blu ray is pushing ps3 sale at the mo so it really isn't a surpirse that sony is making the most of their blu-ray compatibility. updating to the latest features is good dont get me wrong, but there are far more important things to be working on.

XMB as pointed out is one of them. online experience for PS3 is good dont get me wrong - NO LAG and smooth frame rate for the most part, but communication and a lack of in game chat means that sony keeps getting knocked around the court with the 360s XBL.

Glad to be a gamer3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

what about unreal tournaments lag problems or cod4 connection issues/lag which varries depending on the level?(especially on bog) It seems that Ps3 owners haven't been completely honest when they talk about a lag free online exp.

Talks tactic, talk to friends or talk smack it all adds a great deal to the online gaming exp. I hope that by the time mgs online and gt5 come out they've addressed the situation.Im sorry but these are some of the main reasons i will get multiplatform multiplayers for my 360.

I personally don't mind paying £40 a year for the service thats provided. First to get demos, wide range of new/classic arcade games,hd video rental, video news on latest games/tournaments/dlc content and all my games work on live seemlessly with voice chat.

sonarus3864d ago

in game xmb will come someday but at this point there is no use waiting for it. Let us try to ignore it and move on with our lives. Maybe i can now add HD avi movies on my ps3

power of Green 3864d ago

Your comment doesn't get reported?. How did my 1st comment end up in the gamerzone?.

SUP3R3864d ago

Was this article necessary?
It was blatantly obvious if you read the press-release.

Mikelarry3864d ago

sony constantly kick us in the balls. this feauture is needed y do they always pick the things that are not major to work on while we feautres we desperatly need are left untouched. the ps3 is a GAMES CONSOLE first a dvd/ blu ray player secound

mighty_douche3864d ago

Updates to the BR player a "simple" and theres also many other companies working on that tech who obviously share their finding with Sony which allows for easy often updates.

The in-game feature everyone is stamping their feet over isnt as simple. Basically Sony need to lower the OS foot print on the memory to allow a dedicated amount for the in-game stuff. If they went the other route and said to developers, "right you have 8mb less to play with so we can have in-game blah blah blah", thats fine for all future games, BUT none of the currently available games would support it, forcing every developer to go back and patcht their games (which aint gonna happen).

Just be patient, NO ONE from sony or even close to sony said in-game will be coming in this update, don't believe everything you read in forums.

Mikelarry3864d ago

well i thought it should be that easy. the ps3 is being advertised as the most powerful console outthere. so this is how i read it, any thing the 360 can do the ps3 can do better, but it seems that is not the case. how can the xbox have a unified friends list and in game messaging and the ps3 cant. then they tease us with in shirt xmb, who does that.i know your all gonna say be patient but my patience is wearing thin i wanna start seeing what the ps3 can do instead of imagining it.

Diugu3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

He is absolutely perfect in his argument.

I also want ingame everything... and the PS3 should be able to do it. Also I think it is not that difficult as you think. If they really worked hard on it it would be already be implemented. I guess in their minds they have more important things to do.

Which doesnt change the fact I still have loads of fun with my PS3 but we have to be concious here.

mighty_douche3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Sorry but you obviously have little understanding of what your trying to argue.

Yes on paper the PS3 (CPU) is more powerful, but with this issue thats next to useless, both systems have 512mb of ram and thats the problem, MS have managed to lower their OS over time but Sony havent yet.

Reel off all the PR rubbish you want, anyone who believes that crap need their head checking anyway, the simple fact of the matter is, Sony will get it to work, perhaps we could all start throwing £50 a year at them as an incentive.

Mikelarry3864d ago

well 50 pounds and they offer a brilliant online service. it would have been a different matter if the online service was not arguing with u my friend i just want for once get something i want from the ps3. i want for once instead of hyping things up sony actually delivers on thier promises

mighty_douche3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

That understandable and i completely agree, but when buying hardware of any type you have to look at what the device offer at that time, not what some guy said was coming.

Dont get me wrong, do i want all the in-game stuff? hell yeah, but i dont get upset everytime a fireware comes and its still lacking. Sony will advertise the crap out of it when it comes, they now so many of us are waiting for it, they wouldnt just pop it on an update and say nothing.

Either way, if this is the console biggest down fall (although it will eventually get to us) then i think sony have done something right. First price, now sorted, Then games, sorted, now its in-game XMB, not sorted but will be.

Zeevious3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Comparing the PS3's power to the XBox 360's is missing the fact that console power has almost Nothing to do with chatting or a friend-list.

The part your missing is the INFRASTRUCTURE.

Microsoft already had this from their MSN, Messenger and other on-line developments, expanded over many years on non X-Box & Console growth.
Sony had little to none, developing & expanding their messaging systems in the past year or two.

Remember, Messenger apps like Yahoo & MSN can run on even the smallest -footprint device, like a low-powered cellphone in under 500k, with the server infrastructure to support it.

Sony had to ask themselves:
"Why roll out In-Game XMB servers, when we are rolling out full-fledged HOME servers in a few more months?"

It makes no sense financially for Sony or for your user experience to get you used to an alternate method of messaging, then expect you or them to change-over their servers & service for Home...

...BESIDES, all that extra server power is being saved for IN-SHIRT XMB!

P.s. Do you know how hard it is to wash LBP Beta-Fluff out of cotton these cold water?

Booyah3864d ago

why are you all freaking out for a FREE online service ?!!

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Deios3864d ago

I think they are going to release in-game xmb with HOME.

Lifendz3864d ago

Home is going to be a major download. In-game xmb, accomplishments/rewards/trophi es/entitlements/or whatever they're called, and Home itself.

And to think Garnet of 1up said there are no games coming out this summer. If Home drops in July I know what I'll be doing from that day on: getting my apartment ready for a PS3 N4g pool party.

PSN: Lifendz

xsteinbachx3864d ago

If you've read Gamesblows blog you'd already know whats happening with in-game xmb, but since we can't post his news as news you'll never know.