$200 - The most expensive Wii Fit. It's Russia time!

You think 100 bucks is too much for Wii Fit bundle? Then you'd better watch out for Russia, because the cost of fit-you-up bundle is really hot in there. Our fellow Russian news source (obviously, it presents news for console gamers) reports: Wii Fit priced at nearly 200 dollars in Russia (4000 Russian Rubbles). Poor fellows, first Joe Stalin, now this!

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iMad3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Middle-class have a bigger sallary here comparing to US for the same job in dollars. So level of live is identical.

sumfood4u3917d ago

This Beats doing the Russian Borrish Kick Zangief Style!

nanometric3917d ago

holly cow, that's like a months salary to some over there :/

Itzik3917d ago

In Israel the Wii costs more than 500 dollars and the Playstation three costs more than 800!

kewlkat0073917d ago

-Paying $100+ for Nintendo's Wiifit.
-Paying $24.99 at my "Golds Gym" near my house.
-Leaving the couch and taking a jog/run outside for FREE: Priceless.

I'm all set Nintendo.

Syko3917d ago

But think of all the zany Mii action you will miss! =)

Gorky3916d ago

The annual standard membership in the only one Gold’s Gym in Moscow costs 58 000 Rubles (= 2 437 USD). Yup, 2,4K$ in a year – I’m not kidding!
So you can easily compare it with WiiFit price for Russia.

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