Eurogamer: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Preview

Eurogamer writes: "Quake Wars sets out to provide a totally different experience, and does so very well - with a set of well-designed, expansive levels and great vehicles being the stand-out factors." That's what some handsome fool wrote about Enemy Territory: Quake Wars on PC back in September. We liked most of it, but the combat lacked the punchiness we'd hoped for in a Quake game, and we weren't fond of the steep climb up the learning curve.

The mathematically-minded among you will note that this was almost six months ago - time enough for Nerve and Activision Underground, developing the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game respectively, to weave a little magic over the console versions. The timescale alone raises hopes that this won't just be a straight port with strapped-on joypad controls, so we're certainly watching closely as Nerve designer Greg Stone walks and talks us through the Xbox 360 version - under the watchful eye of id Software's business development guy Steve Nix.

What's immediately apparent is that although the heart of the game - its maps, weapons, classes and vehicles - remains intact, the console version is indeed different. "We made a decent amount of changes," Stone tells us. "Mostly just little tweaks, but a lot of tweaks, actually. They were fairly minor, but they added up."

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