EDGE PREVIEW: Resistance 2 - It's the US this time, so no religious outcries or gun cri… Oh, hold on

Edge writes: "Resistance: Fall Of Man was Insomniac's first stab at making an FPS. Though it felt bold and confident, buoyed perhaps by the developer's experience of producing riotously ballistic amusements in Ratchet And Clank, it failed to truly stand apart from games made by more practiced studios, the likes of Infinity Ward and Bungie, perhaps. And though its arsenal was inventive, its scenarios rarely demanded its mastery beyond headshots and melee.

What it did do was build sturdy foundations for a sequel. Resistance 2 (a working title) is set two years after the original's unsuccessful defense of Britain, with the Chimera beginning a pincered air assault on the east and west coasts of America: the game once again puts you in the mutated shoes of Sergeant Nathan Hale, points you in the direction of some toothy foes, and says 'get cracking'.

Insomniac has also offered hints about what it calls a 'scalable AI system' that will be used to manage the large numbers of enemies present onscreen at any one time. In essence, the enemies closest to the player will use coordinated attacks and clever dodging behavior, while those further away will follow slightly more basic modes of offence. As well as this AI system, there will also be a limited amount of randomised content in the game's levels."

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BlazeXXL4497d ago

will make me sh!t myself.

Maldread4497d ago

But this is just filled with stuff we already knew.

I just want to know more about this epic game. Come on Insomniac, give us a trailer soon ehh, i want to see those giant beasts in motion ;)

Guess we`ll have to wait until E3 though :(

Luca Blight4497d ago

We definetely have our fair share of religious extremists and nuts in the US too!

PSWe604497d ago

Fall 2008 can't come soon enough for me, this game will own 2008

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