PSP 3.00 Firmware Release Date Confirmed!

Rumors have been flying all over the internet over the highly anticipated (or for homebrewers, disliked) firmware 3.00 update. You saw some of the pictures from E3 and from other sources, and now it's (almost) here. The date for the 3.00 update will be released on October 19!

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amrasmord5895d ago

cool, but its to good to be true. Plus, it dosent even have a real source. Too bad though.:(

ehandlr5895d ago

from what I understand they are going to release info on version 3.00 today...not the actually release the actual 3.00 today.

Shadow Flare5895d ago

i haven't been able to download the new firmware update, but i do live in the uk. Maybe we get it a bit later

AzaziL5889d ago

Knowing that Vice City may become to most bought psp game, it'll be no surprise to see it force a firmware update. Hopefully rockstar will put in another back door though like they did with lcs.