INTERVIEW: Microsoft Europe's Chris Lewis - What price mass-market? Part 2 writes: "With a 40 per cent lift in UK Xbox 360 sales for the first two days following the recent price cut, Microsoft's strategy has certainly reaped immediate rewards. But continued momentum in the coming weeks and months is essential if the platform is to make the mass-market impact its creator claims it will.

With the Arcade pack now undercutting the Wii at GBP 159, Microsoft believes it has hit the price 'sweet spot' that will, in the words of Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis, "open the mass-market floodgates".

But in part two of the interview with Lewis, he argues that, rather than Wii's focus on accessible games for all, the Xbox 360's family-friendly entertainment features will make the difference. As well Lewis talks casual content and Sony's Blu-ray position."

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wiizy3917d ago

nintendo need to stop waiting and make a price cut..they've made enough profit.

Gamer luv3917d ago

Exactly, its not like that machine is expensive to make, there already being greedy in comparison to the prices americans have to pay.

im assuming that the Wii could be cut to around £120 and still make profit.

The 360 is a very powerful machine, and is now cheaper then the Wii.
The Wii on the other hand is pretty much like a ford cortina being compared to a mclaren f1, yet costing more. Price drop will come, i say around november.


36 % on 3 days. so why is lewis saying 40 % in 2 days

kingme713917d ago

Digital downloads will be the norm in 12-18 months? What is he smoking?

Bladestar3917d ago

Nintendo drop the price? For what? They are not able to meet demands since they launched... so, how can they drop it.. it's not like stores have plenty of them.... regardless of price drop... sales will not increase for the wii... since the reason why the wii is not selling better is due to production constrains... not price...

Nintendo needs to meet demands before they can drop the price and double demands...

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33917d ago

...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz ;-D
BORING!!! Micro$oft speak!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I just got out of a SLEEP COMA! reading Part 1!!! ;-D