IGN: No More Heroes AU Review

IGN AU writes: "It's hard not to like a game that stars a character called Travis Touchdown. The super-slick anti-hero wields a not-quite-lightsaber and rides a giant Akira-style bike known as 'Schpeltiger' through the generic American city of Santa Destroy on a mission to become the number one assassin in the world. This is No More Heroes for you; a marriage of over-zealous, westernised, open-world gameplay blended with pure arcade thrills and aimed dead-on at mature gamers. Not all of it works – in fact, the game is rough around the edges and definitely more style than substance at times, but at least Suda51 is taking a few risks.

You're immediately tossed into the action; a very minor introductory cutscene spells out the background in vague terms, but it's not until after completing the opening mansion-raid level that the plot really begins to coalesce. Travis kind of fell into his present situation; as such, he starts out at the bottom rung of a tall ladder. In order to progress his way though the assassination tournament, he needs to earn enough money to pay the increasingly exorbitant entry fee. That means taking on menial jobs and performing ad-hoc killing sprees for a cash reward – and it is here that the scope and structure of the game really reveals itself."

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