X-Play Review - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Times have changed since the last time we went terrorist hunting in this desert city. The first-person shooter genre has made leaps and bounds in both gameplay and graphics. While Vegas 2 shows definite improvements over it predecessor, one cannot help but feel as though the title could have used another couple of months to get that Caesar Palace showgirl shine instead of coming out like a Caesar Palace cocktail waitress. It's the little things like calling my female officer "sir" to some of the bigger issues such as single-player level design that could have been fixed with a little more tweaking. Still, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 presents a solid shooter with enough new tricks to keep the fans of the series betting on it for some time to come.

Review by: Jess Reed


* Varied Customization really affects gameplay
* Target enemies with the snake cam
* Multiplayer presents fun variety
* Excellent second player Co-op Story Mode
* Solid tactical action


* Not all customization affects gameplay
* Game design reveals pockets of action instead of fluid pacing
* Textures and graphics don't hold up
* Inconsistent enemy AI

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sonarus3956d ago

what was that title xplay gave a 3/5 to again. You know the title that was essentially an expansion to the old one??? i forget

ddldave3956d ago

inconsistant AI? what have they been playing? casual settings? they need to step up their game and get on the gaming level and x play it on realistic like it's supposed to be played.

tgh machines3956d ago

LOL x-play gave a 3/5 do devil may cry 4.

arcadegoal3956d ago

I got this game 2 days ago and i really like it but the only problemb is playing it online i downloaded the update and tryed to conect to 30 puls severs every time match unavailible so i selected Dedicated server same thing i did get one game online but the sound freaked out so i had to disconect my freinds also having same problembs ive ran a internet test on my computer every thing fine i dont have problemb with unreal online its just vegas 2 that really sucks again im not waiting around for another patch to fix this so am taking game back to shop thanks ubi soft what another waste of money. dam i only wont it to work / anyone ellse have online probs with vegas2????