First Native 1080p Game? Xbox360's Splinter Cell 4

First Native 1080p Game? Xbox360's Splinter Cell 4

Donkey Slayer6395d ago


"Splinter Cell Double Agent Not 1080p
Report from Gamepro says it is -- Ubisoft says 'nope.'
by Luke Smith, 10/18/2006

Microsoft is supporting 1080p on its Xbox 360, we know this, but Gamepro is reporting that Ubisoft's just-released Splinter Cell: Double Agent (read Shoe's review here) will support 1080p displays. The image Gamepro provides is a shot of the Xbox 360 dashboard with a selectable 1080p display and says representatives from Ubisoft told them that the game would support 1080p.
When we asked Ubisoft for clarification, company reps told us: "It's 1080i."

shotty6396d ago

First Console to do 1080p?

soccerstar6396d ago (Edited 6396d ago )

no the ps2 can do 1080p....what do u think what other console has even had even close to a 1080p resolution and i dont know of a single tv that can do 1080p over componet and i dont want to hook it up with a vga cable because it would display in a 16:10 ratio. Also it depends when they update the 360 with 1080p

Smellslikepie6395d ago

PS2 can only do 1080i. And that isn't supported by Sony, that's only through one of those Action Replay thingymagigs, isn't it?

Smellslikepie6395d ago

PS2 can only do 1080i. And that isn't supported by Sony, that's only through one of those Action Replay thingymagigs, isn't it?

videl6396d ago (Edited 6395d ago )

we will see if this is true or if this is only a joke, but where is the hdmi ? xbox360 cant handle 720p, oh my god i dont want to know how the gameplay is with 2fps. ms give it up ! i thought 1080p is not needed, and now ? ms tries everything to make their console 1080p compatible, i bet they will fail.

TheMART6395d ago

As you are unknown about the stuff I'll teach you.

1080p in games can be done over component HD cable.

1080p in movies HDMI is nescessary, but the HD-DVD add-on isn't here yet. HDMI cable expected spring 2007.

So go away Sony fanboy.

The first real 1080p game that's not a PS2 GT4 HD smugged up version or a tennis game with 2 characters on screen might be here and it's on the 360

Antan6395d ago

"The first real 1080p game that's not a PS2 GT4 HD smugged up version or a tennis game with 2 characters on screen might be here and it's on the 360"

So now there are certain characteristics as to what defines a "real" 1080p game? so would 54 players on a tennis court constitute a "real" 1080p game? Shut up.

TheMART6395d ago

Antan you may disagree but what I am telling is not that hard to understand.

A PS2 game put in 1080p doesn't ask so much of the hardware to get done. As a simple game of Tennis with 2 moving characters also is more easy to do then for example Splinter Cell.

I can back up my statements with the old XBOX.
Out of the box it can do 720p NATIVE on some games. Unlike the PS2 trick with a upscale external hardwarebox.

With a HDTV pack from MS the XBOX can unlock this fun future. BUT the games that are in 720p mostly are the less hardware pushing games. Simple and undeniable. And if games are in 720p instead of 480p on the old XBOX, mostly the richness of stuff on screen is tuned down although the resolution is higher.

So things cost on one end to get a higher resolution. As it will be with next gen games. And what I state is so, so true. The 2 games confirmed in 1080p aren't the most demanding hardware drainging games period.

You can cry all you want but it's true Antan

Antan6395d ago

Im not refering and was never refering to the PS2 side of your comment, so a waste of you last bubble on that one. Regardless of if a game has "less" of a visual impact or not, if its outputting 1080p then it is 1080p. Regardless of if the 2 games are draining or not, the fact is they are running in 1080p, end of story, period, You can cry all you want but it's true Mart!...........You do put your foot in it an awful lot of the time with your ranting and raving. Chill a bit, put your guard down, talk without bashing, chat without the twisting. You`ll find people will speak to you with respect, if you respect peoples views and opinions, the same will happen to you, yes ...even you!!!

Marriot VP6395d ago

well you have no idea what your talking about

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D3acon6395d ago (Edited 6395d ago )

but on a side note, there is a disk you can put in your ps2 to produce visiuals on the way to 1080p. You put in the disk, load it, then put in your ps2 game.

Seems like a last minute gamble on microsoft's part. They were the ones saying that Hd gaming wasn't important and no need to implemement it. They even said Sony would not have any 1080p games this year.

After all that, they come out with 1080p gaming. I just want to know how its done. And if they could already conduct 1080p then why wait till now, its been a year. You do see where I'm going with this right?

I forgot to mention, since it doesn't have HDMI inputs then will it not be obsolete in a couple years because of the new HD standard?

DJ6395d ago

Watching Microsoft scramble and backtrack on their previous statements (which were quite bold by the way) is pretty entertaining. Microsoft bought out the Splinter Cell franchise so I'm sure they can push the dev team to do anything they please.

HTCP's implementation is inevitable, and while it takes a long time to download even standard definition movies, it won't be long before Hi-def movies start floating around the internet. Supposedly its implementation has been pushed back to 2011.

The 360 console wasn't designed with an HDMI port so it's not HTCP compliant. Microsoft says not to worry and that they'll deal with the problem, but refuse to say how they'll deal with it. I'm sure they're concocting an HDMI cable adaptor to work with the VGA output from the 360 (best guess, there's other possibilities), but even that might not work.

It's a really tricky situation, and Sony got so intimidated by it that they decided to put HDMI in every single PS3 just in case.

shotty6395d ago (Edited 6395d ago )

HDMI is possible according to microsoft, they said the market wasn't ready.

Imagine if they released HDMI it would have to be a cable which would easily cost $80. Now this would bring confusion since people would think you need the cable to watch HD-DVD, which isn't true.
By lanching the cable next year, people would relize that HD-DVD can be enjoyed fully with component or VGA. Then when HDMI cable is finally released they can pick one because they choose and not because they think they need it to enjoy HD-DVD.

Tut6395d ago

I would find it very perplexing if they were even able to show 1080p since the best cord they could have is VGA and that onlu supports 1080i. I didn't even know you could upscale the flow of information with a simple cord-to-cord intersection when the source of the information outputs that information at a slower rate.

It doesn't make sense. If anyone wants to explain please do, but until then there is no possibly way the XBox 360 can do 1080p. 1080i, yes. 1080p, no.

TheMART6395d ago

Man are you dumb or what.

1080p in games can be done even through component. Only movies won't go because of the copyright restrictions only running through HDMI but ALSO through VGA.

So, VGA on 360 can do 1080p in games AND movies.

And yes, the output videoport on the 360 is digital already. Advanced they just have to make a HDMI cable for the port and off we go. It'll be here spring 2007 for sure.

Read above and see why 1080p is just done on the 360. Although almost no one will use it including me, because we all own 720p HDTV's/LCD.

Now Sony fanboys there is no reason defending the PS3 anymore with it's 1080p advantage, because the 360 has it also. Learn to deal with it or cry on

Tut6395d ago

No... not dumb, but misinformed and uneducated on the subject. Thank you for explaining it though with no physical evidence (I do believe you though).

The only thing that makes me sad is that you have to be such an angry person that always feels he is being attacked. Give more hugs and smiles, man. The whole world isn't against you.

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UrbanJabroni6395d ago

1. There is NO framerate drop with 1080p.
2. THe ONLY reason 1080p wasn't enabled from day one was that at the time of launch there was not a SINGLE 1080p television on the market. They couldn't even test the functionality.
3. ALL 1080p televisions on the market today have VGA inputs. 1080p can also be used over standard component cables.
4. HDMI will NEVER, EVER be required for gaming. Ever.
5. They said 1080p wasn't important, and a year ago it wasn't...see point 2.
6. The digital output on the 360 is AMAZING...all that was required was a software upgrade and, tada, 1080p with no framerate hit.
7. If you have a tv that produces 16:10 ratio over vga then something is SERIOUSLY whacked on your end. As Major Nelson pointed out, computer monitors run ALL resolutions over vga just fine. So does my television.

I'm so incredibly sick of the same damned uninformed arguments over and over and over.

And no, Splinter Cell is NOT _native_ 1080p, it is just scaled to 1080p from the games native 720p.

xboxlj6395d ago

"2. THe ONLY reason 1080p wasn't enabled from day one was that at the time of launch there was not a SINGLE 1080p television on the market. They couldn't even test the functionality. " -UrbanJabroni -

Actually that is not a true statement. I had my LCD HDTV since October 2005 and it has a native resolution of 1080p, which is why I chose it. When the 360 came out in November, I was shocked that it did not do 1080p at the time. Also my tv will only display 1080p on the 1st hdmi & the vga inputs.