The King of Fighters XII First Mag Scans, Location Test

Arcade Renaissance writes: "The latest King of Fighters XII news coming from Famitsu magazine. According to the magazine, King of Fighters XII will be given its first official location test in Tokyo, Japan in April. While I knew we would be seeing some early hands on time due to the nature of arcade location tests, the first playable build being so close is pretty amazing to me. I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing some of the new footage and hope SNK Playmore Japan delivers on some direct feed media soon...

In other news, some of the game's early system information was also revealed. Like what was previously speculated, King of Fighters XII is going to be removing the shift/tag system in exchange for the traditional elimination 3 vs. 3 team match-ups.

Secondly, the screen's edge is going to be a hard barrier of sorts, allowing gamers to use it to deliver follow-up attacks due to a slight 'hang' that will occur when a character is hit into the barrier. This isn't new to the world of fighting games, but it is a difficult system to balance, so it should be interesting to see what SNK Playmore Japan does with it."

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omoshiroi3957d ago

Shove SFII turbo HD up your pooper, this is what I'm talking about!
Long live 2d fighters and SNK for still knocking them out.

BilI Gates3956d ago

Looking forward to playing it. This and Blaz-Blue are the only fighting games I need this year. I don't need an HD version of a game I played to death over 10 years ago.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

Enigma_20993956d ago

You take time off from counting your money to play fighting games? That's awesome!