Photo Realism: Brilliant Pictures From Gran Turismo 5

New pictures of Gran Turismo 5

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sonarus3867d ago

polyphony use real life for target renders. The rest of the industry is still stuck on cgi

InMyOpinion3867d ago

You mean like Motorstorm and Killzone 2?

Glad to be a gamer3867d ago

Im still undecided on Gt prologue. Just downloaded the forza 2 march car pack and im remembering how much joy ive had with this game. Just qualified for an online b class tournament in my bmw m3 2008.

To people who have not played forza 2(the first forza ive played had gt4 before this) they won't understand the infatuation but its the way the cars handle,the sense of speed and danger from driving to the limit with simulation damage. Even the graphics on a hd tv are very pretty and although it does not look as realistic as gt the graphical style gives it a very indivdual art look that i kinda love(rather like pes) while it doesn't go for exact realism but rather a representation.

But most of all the online exp due to the passionate community. from buying a beautiful drifter at the auction house, to scrapping a win in a career race/tournament, or creating your own race car right down to the paint work.

Guess im just not ready to move on to another car game just yet with pgr4 and forza2 keeping me warm. Ive decided for me prologue although beautiful just does not have enough features to get me to replace my beloved friends just yet. Come gt5 i think i'll be ready.

InMyOpinion3867d ago

Both Motorstorm and Killzone have used CGI target renders, and here they are:


Killzone 2:

Shadow Flare3867d ago

yes and motorstorm and killzone 2 essentially lived up to their cgi target renders. Motorstorm graphically was pretty close to that trailer and everyone expected killzone 2 to fall far short of its cgi target render, yet in some ways it surpassed it. Remember the Halo 3 'starry night' cgi trailer? Halo 3 looks nothing like that trailer. But i like Gran Turismo 5 purely because it's the proof that yes, sony were right when they said the ps3 is far more powerful then the 360. Because GT5's graphics are on par with real-life, and that's no small feat

Kleptic3867d ago

Using CGi as a target render isn't a bad thing...not sure what you meant by that Sonarus...For a sci-fi shooter such as Gears of War or Killzone 2...photorealism doesn't exactly work, and is somewhat impossible...being that there are non human aspects, and the whole 'not taking place on this planet' aspect...

crysis is one of the only games right now that closely match real world photographs as close as possible...GT5 and Far Cry 2 will probably the 2 that come very close in 2008...but there are other games that are going to look extremely impressive, but not be made to look photorealistic...

just because a movie has a specific art direction that appears different than normal reality...doesn't mean its going to be a bad movie...

InMyOpinion3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

I never said anything about GT5. GT5 looks crazy.

Since when was the starry night trailer for Halo 3 a target render? Bungie never claimed that Halo 3 would look anything like the trailer. Sony, on the other hand, said that Motorstorm and Killzone 2 would look like their CGI(read fake in-game) trailers.

If you watch the first link I posted you will see that Motorstorm isn't even close to it. Killzone 2 looks like it will be able to deliver on it's premise of looking really good. It's not miles away from it's target trailer.

It's like some of you have built-in chips in your brains that blocks you from critisizing anything Sony-related.

liquidsnake3866d ago

Even thou Im a Sony fanboy, Im not stupid :). Jenzo is right about the Motorstorm, and the render vs the in game is very far from eachother. The KZ in-game is on the other hand very impressive. Not like the CGI target renders, but still very very neat.

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BloodySinner3867d ago

Actually, it's "C'est magnifique".

sonarus3867d ago

lol at the disagrees too lol. I could't resist bloddy had to chip in those disagrees lol

Rybnik3867d ago

Neogaf seems to be the best source for new GT5 images, I was just over there and thinking of posting these...looks like it was taken care of, lol. These really are insane though!

Oh, not sure if these ones were posted earlier:

PirateThom3867d ago

So, guys, apparently the PS3 is terrible for the games.

It will never be able to have awesome graphics because some fanboys need to think that to cry themselves to sleep.

Omicron3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Awesome bullshots. Sadly, you can't see the atrocious screen tearing there.

LinuxGuru3867d ago

Oh, go blow it out your @ss, omicron.

This game looks f_cking fantastic, and you bloody well know it.

Rybnik3867d ago

I know you are trolling but I am going to correct you anyway. These are from the PAL version in which the screen tearing has been confirmed to have been fixed (via hands-on accounts) And no, some are replay, but they are not BS, the game really looks this good. Check the pics I attached, they are straight capture of gameplay, lobby, and replay (via camera)

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