Why is Half Life 2 so loved?

After 45 Game of the Year wins, Valve's Half Life 2 hears a voice of decent.

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Rikitatsu3959d ago

it might be a great FPS .. but waaay to overrated

The_Firestarter3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

You're entitled to your opinion, but at least Half-Life 2 wasn't OVERHYPED like Halo 3.

BTW, just remember Half-Life and Half-Life 2 won TONS of GotY awards.

Xi3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

the first thing you do is bash halo 3. Halo 3 is the whipping boy of all fps games now.

Half life isn't overrated, It revolutionized the fps genre on pc (just like halo did for consoles), and it created one of the largest mod communities on the planet.

But I'd like to say, halo 3 wasn't overrated either or overhyped, which you clearly demonstrated. It wouldn't constantly be the first resource to compare fps games with if it were. Games that are overrated fade away after they've been released, not constantly compared too or constantly have gameplay mechanics copied.

Both half life and halo are great franchises, but they're very different shooters, like the difference between PGR and Forza/gt or civ4 and sim city.

VirusE3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

I know i am walking into a ton of disagrees and maybe a bubble down but my opinion is my opinion so here goes. I agree that halflife 2 is highly overrated. Don’t get me wrong its an amazing game but not god like in my opinion. I know this will get me even more disagrees but hey; after I played halo 1 I fell in love with the much more realistic combat mechanics it offered and since that day i have not been a big fan of doom clones like half life. AND YES half life is a direct progression of doom and uses 90% of the game frame work it laid down. Quake was an extension of doom and half life was born out of quake. It has all of the same mechanics of those games. You can care up to 10 guns, your jump is worthless, enemies don’t fight as squads or use weapon classes like a real military unit would, you have to switch melee weapons or nades (in real life you are just going to smash them with the butt of your riffle, thank you halo for bring reality into combat), melee does no damage, you pick up health pack and i could go on forever. Again i think it’s a great game but it never brought anything new to the table other than physics and the story is just down right boring. The vehicle section are horrible and EXTREMELY drawn out.

I think FPS gamers divided when halo 1 came out. Its mechanics where so different than doom philosophy and now we have two sects, the halo bread fps games and the doom bread fps games. I played doom, doom 2, final doom, rise of the triad, duke nukem, heretic, hexen, hexen 2, Quake, unreal, UT, turok, turok 2 and half life all before playing halo. To me halo was and still is a breath of fresh air from the very tired doom formula that half life follows. I honestly have gotten to the point where i prefer console FPS games over pc fps games and i love pc gaming. I am just sick of every pc fps following the doom formula. For personal enjoyment i'll take halo and resistance over UT and crysis any day. I love pc gaming and have a bad arse rig so PC guys don’t even try to call me a console fanboy.

"According to one of the game's designers, Harry Teasley, Doom was a huge influence on most of the team working on Half-Life. Subsequently, according to Teasley, they wanted Half-Life to "scare you like Doom did"."

niall773959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

but its starting showing its age now. but for a 4 year old game its held up pretty well.

at the time it had the best graphics and physics out there but that was back then and for the gamer of today who only cares about graphics and gore it wont catch there eye.

it is up there as one of the best FPS's of all time but IMO not as grown breaking as the first.

I just hope for HL2-E3 they give you a portal gun for the hole game and blow your mind with more crazy puzzles and new ideas of how the game can be played like the gravity gun did all them years ago.

portal was a good start but that idea could be one of the best things to happen to FPS in a long time once they break it out of the lab

The_Firestarter3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

The WHOLE Half-Life franchise is simply AWESOME!!! I don't think it's overrated. I fell in love with Half-Life 2 the very first time I played through it and still admire it along with Ep.1 and especially Ep.2

miked8083959d ago

They can make 10 more Half Life's with the Engine they are using now and I seriously think I would be fine with it.

LinuxGuru3959d ago

Half-Life 2 and its associated mods are probably the games that have occupied me the most over the past 4 years.

I've probably logged at LEAST several thousand hours in counterstrike source ALONE.

To reiterate, HL2 has an incredible story that really had me wanting more after I finished it. The characters are fantastic....the weapons work well and are FUN TO USE, and the combat is always dynamic and physics-based.

I love swirling a rocket around in the air, just to have it come from behind and smack a combine soldier right in the ASS and send him BLASTING towards me, limp limbs flailing every which way....*sigh*

good times....good times.

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