Video game sales soar despite console shortage

U.S. video game sales - including hardware and software - jumped 34 percent in February to hit $1.33 billion, even with two top-selling consoles in short supply, according to data from market researcher NPD Group.

February is normally a slow month for video game publishers coming off holiday highs, and consumers have also been cutting back spending amid economic worries. Still, with "several marquee titles still to come in the front half of the year, the industry is poised to achieve another year of record-breaking sales despite difficult economic conditions," said NPD analyst Anita Frazier in an e-mail.

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butterfinger4496d ago

for the flame bait. These Microsoft manipulated articles are pointless and annoying and you shouldn't be allowed to tag this under PS3.

mighty_douche4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

Shortages... lol. People shouldnt believe everything they read.

Oh and top selling 2 consoles? I thought it was Wii and 360 having issues, not Wii and PS3?

butterfinger4496d ago

What else did you expect? lol

Bladestar4496d ago

No shortages?...
Explain... why they xbox 360 had a jump in of 22% from the previous month, even after Sony declared victory with blu-ray? 22% jump without any new exclusive games? how is that? the PS3 only had a 11% jump even after blu-ray news... how can that be? Also explain why microsoft signed a multi-million if not billion deal with 2 hardware manufacturers to increase production... does that sound like something a company would do if just to prove fanboys that don't believe shortages are real? Microsoft, "ohh wow.. we lost to Sony this month... let's fake a shortage... by saying that there is no shortages... let's sign a deal with company to push 1-2 million more consoles to the market..."... yeah... as if a) as if stores will order more consoles when they have plenty... b) the following months will not prove that there arent shortages....

NPD numbers showed a 22% increase in sales for the xbox 360 for no aparent reason.... if the next month the same or better happends than that would be you are and evevery xbox 360 hater is full of it... specially since there is no price drop in the US.

butterfinger4496d ago

considering if the 360 jumped double the percentage of the PS3 you would think that it would have outsold it. The fact of the matter is that it didn't and your percentages provide no meaning. There could be several reasons why MS signed a deal with a manufacturing company, btw. One could possibly be the highly anticipated release of GTAIV... Just a guess... lol

crck4496d ago

"Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 have been in such high demand stores are having a hard time keeping them in stock."

Hahahahahahah They have no shame.

butterfinger4496d ago

I know if I want a Wii right now, I couldn't find one around here anywhere, but if I wanted a 360, I could pick up 10!

DJ4496d ago

A few PS3s in the glass case, and not a Wii in sight. Microsoft's probably going to claim shortages all year round.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 34496d ago

...despite FAKE console shortage!!! ;-D