Gameinformer: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review

Gameinformer writes:

"Gamers love to decry publishers pushing out franchise installments on a yearly basis, and there are good precedents for that view. With a product as good as Rainbow Six Vegas, though, it's hard to muster up the kind of righteous wrath that can only be expressed in pithy comments and animated GIFs on a message board. Without a doubt, this sequel is more of the same; a few additions to the gameplay and frontend do not a new experience make. However, Ubisoft managed not to screw anything up from the amazing original, which pretty much makes this the best tactical shooter out there by default.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a hell of a package. It's sort of a shame that so much of it is recycled from the last game, but nobody stops eating their favorite food because it's similar every time – and this is the Kobe beef of tactical FPS."

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MikeGdaGod3867d ago

i'll wait till its about $30

ddldave3867d ago

damn i shoulda waited until the price drop too, i lacked patience and bought it today only to find out i'll be playing in a month when they patch up the bug and by then it'll drop to 30 bucks 'cuz nobody will buy it because of that.

snoop_dizzle3867d ago

I wasn't sure if I wanted to get this at first, however, I thinkI might be picking this game up.