Amazon Includes One-Year Of NFL Sunday Ticket Max For Free In MADDEN NFL 25 Anniversary Edition

By Sean Thomas

There are a lot of pre-order deals and promotions on Amazon when it comes to video games, but this is one that you should really pay attention to. If you enjoy playing football game and watching games, then things are going to fit really well here.
The Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition is coming out on August 27, 2013 and it has some terrific bonuses attached to it. The game will sell for $99.99 at Amazon on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, and the promo includes a copy of the game, exclusive content for the “Madden Ultimate Team”, the digital trading card mode and a great deal on NFL Ticket

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Dlacy13g2071d ago

It seems to me this deal is much more about Direct TV struggling and looking to leverage a freebie of the Sunday Ticket to entice people to sign up to Direct TV. They probably figure given the number of subscribers this will only reach a small portion of current Direct TV people but a much larger pool of Football enthusiasts that might want Direct TV.

Yo Mama2071d ago

I'm confused. If I don't have directv, will I still be able to use the free subscription online or on my ps3 to watch games?

KwietStorm2071d ago

That's what I'd like to know, because it'd be worth buying the game just for that.