A Noob’s Shopping Guide: Video Cards

If you ever dally in the world of PC gaming, there is one thing for sure: at some point, you will need to upgrade your video card.

It used to be that when you upgraded your Voodoo2, you simply bought a Voodoo3 (or maybe an Nvidia RIVA TNT2 if you wanted full 32 bit color). But nowadays, looking at the feature list of a video card is like reading some strange sort of code.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

best shopping guide for noobs is to just get a ps4. That way u dont need to be so damn smart.

Ikonic1985d ago

Im really hoping this is a troll post...

luoshuigui1985d ago

Not sure if you are trying to burn some dumb Sony fanboys or you are one.

Embolado1985d ago

I was currently in the market for doing a PC upgrade and found it cheaper, and easier to actually purchase a prebuilt one from an online supplier. In my case I found Digital Storm to suit my PC rig need. You can find some great deals that if your not savvy with upgrading are the best route. Most people that want to upgrade to play games on PCs might end up finding that the GPU is the least of their worries.

JonahNL1985d ago

The GPU is easily your biggest worry. Most prebuilt PC's you can get from retailers have a good CPU and lots of RAM, but a shitty GPU. Building a PC yourself is always the best way to go. Not only is it cheaper - you also learn more about how your system works and what it can actually do.

Embolado1985d ago

Sorry but never said it wasnt, just stating that newcomers to the PC relm will find that GPU is dependent on more features than just the card in itself. PSU have enough power? Wanna run SLI/Crossfire, does your mobo have the slots? Current CPU, most come with i3/5/7 or amd equivalent but as next gen is soon to be on our doorsteps it would only make sense to further future proof your rig with one of the aformentioned cpu preferably i5/7. When author was making this article, which I was supprised he totally dismissed AMD which is a cheaper alternative to nVidia, was speaking out to the newcomers to the PC gaming side. Sure I could of added these pretexts to my previous posts but meh, thought some could assume a differnet view instead of zeroing in on black and white statment.

Yes it may be cheaper to buy your own componants but not really by much. I agree nothing can take away from building your own rig, just that when buying for convinence of not getting a DOA device can save alot of headaces. Point being was that anyone seriously looking to build a rig would do best to look else where. But then again I am probably wasting my time here on a console dominant website.

JonahNL1985d ago

"that the GPU is the least of their worries."
You said it right there.