WWE games lays the smackdown on Wii U...literally

Hardcore Gamer: WWE2K14 will be released exclusively on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

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Kingthrash3601984d ago

dam man really I dont even like wrestling games but this is just bad news AGAIN first EA yesterday now this where would nintendo be without the gamboy/ds?

LOL_WUT1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Man I still remember that WWF game for the SNES. I used to hate that one clown those were some good times ;)

Edit: This sucks but it doesn't matter though because wrestling has gone down hill time to pull the plug. ;)

DeadlyFire1984d ago

I was actually expecting this. 2K took over mid-way. WWE 2k14 could be a rushed slopjob. Could be a reason why they skimmed it down to just PS3/X360 versions this year. I expect next year it will spread to all the major platforms.

Alot of publishers are worried about releasing games on the WiiU. Its install base is very small. I expect alot of titles to skim over the WiiU until it hits 10+ million sold.

yewles11984d ago

So the rumors of Take Two not wanting to do with the Wii U may be true...

thebudgetgamer1984d ago

It's neither literal nor exclusive.

knifefight1984d ago

I do not think the game picked up a Wii U and threw it on the ground. The author needs to learn English.

SilentNegotiator1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

But it's all good, since we retroactively don't want any games that we find out won't come to our system, right gang? Wii U doesn't "need" EA, or Take Two, or Insomniac, or etc, etc, etc!

weekev151984d ago

EA I kind of agree with. I do enjoy Fifa but I cant stand the dlc for it.

Take two... damn Nintendo better do something about this, I couldnt give a crap about wrestling games but there are a ton of other games that would be sorely missed eg anything from Rockstar.

FYI Insomniac have said they like WiiU and will make games for it if the install base makes it a profitable option.

2pacalypsenow1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Fifa has no DLC the only thing you can pay for is ultimate team which you dont have to pay its just harder if you dont . the last DLC fifa had was the UEFA euro 2012

ChillOut7071984d ago

MAY BE that was the original plan for THQ and Yukes to develop only for PS3/Xbox360 As Wii U is considered to be a new system and we all know all the trouble THQ had in the last year so to reduce costs they MAY have decided to skip nintendo for this release until they have a comfortable amount of money to develop for Wii U

Consider WWE2K14 to be half THQ and half 2K , the real influence of 2K on WWE games will begin from WWE2K15 and then we may get a Wii U , PC , VITA , 3DS versions like most other sports games do

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