Randy Pitchford defends the fact that Krieg isn't part of the Borderlands 2 Season Pass

Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software, today defended the fact that the latest “Borderlands 2” playable character class DLC isn’t offered as part of the game’s Season Pass. On May 15, Pitchford responded to fan complaints on Twitter regarding Krieg’s omission from the Season Pass. Since the “Borderlands 2” Season Pass was first announced, the offer stated that the pass would entitle fans to four story DLC add-ons. Randy Pitchford equated expecting to receive more than that with the following analogy, "It’s like asking: ‘I bought a coupon for four happy meals, but now that you offer a new salad, why don’t I get that too?’"

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Nightfallen1981d ago

For those that are arguing that season pass should have included every piece of dlc, they told us what it included before you bought the pass..

dazzrazz1980d ago

Best solution will be simply buying those games year from the release date as GOTY editions for $40 or $60 bucks unless you planning to throw $115 at them instantly.

showtimefolks1980d ago

I will be doing that with a lot of games. Gearbox have lost a true consumer in me

I bought 2 limited editions for borderlands 2, and its it even that great of a game. I loved the 1st borderlands now with the 2nd one you don't get great weapons or loot unless you are willing to grind and beat boss 10 times just to get one rare weapon

Gearbox season pass or not I could careless but the moment you charged people for level cap Iincrease is when I lost all respect for y'all. First aliens game now dealing of DLC mess with borderlands 2

Gearbox went froma fan favorite to a very greedy looking company

I will think twice before supporting your future games.

Fetch quests
All day long in borderlands 2

BakedGoods1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

...or, unless your a broke teenager, understand the fact that $115 is a great deal if you're grabbing 40-50 hours out of the game.

That's equivalent to say, 11 trips to McDonalds, or 9 theatre tickets, or 6 Blu-rays, or hell, 3 trips to the gas station---PER YEAR.

When you put it into perspective, if it's a game you enjoy, on average it'll be worth the price, especially when the entertainment lasts *YEARS*.

forcefullpower1980d ago

No its not a good deal even for cash strapped person. For that money they could have bought at least another full priced minimum.

Wish people would stop supporting companies that nickle and dime us.

Here's a solution that was used in the past that was always successful. Give out free DLC for your game will bring people back to buy your next release in a year or two's time.

showtimefolks1980d ago


No doubt man some people love handing money to these developers/publishers but when it's a game they hav no interest in tries to charge people than they make blogs and have issues with stuff

Gearbox went from fan favorite to one that has lost a lot of its momentum

Also play borderlands 2 and tell me if ts not most festh quests, without a lot of major reward, most good items or weapons they expect you to grind for them

First borderlands was a tech demo without any story but atleast t rewarded players and its DLC was much better but now DLC is rushed,charge for level cap increase and not everything is part of season pass

If I am putting $30-35 for season pass you better believe I spect all DLC to be part of it, why? Bacause I am giving my money upfront for wha could be content not worth the price

So we are taking risk investing menu in season passes so give us all th content in that package

Gearbox has turned into EA trying to nickel and dime us for every little thing

Diver1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Nightfalen - then it ain't a season pass and naming it that was intentionally misleading. Not every ad for the season pass explained it either.

Season pass is synonymous with everything an Screw box knew this.

I traded mine early on - dumbest ai ever - but this is wrong.

Blacklash931980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

If you're going to criticize Borderlands 2 for boring and unrewarding fetch quests, you're going to have a field day doing the same with the first one.

I think Borderlands 2 was a signficantly better game than the first, despite the loot rarity drop rates being out of whack.

That said, Gearbox has been dropping the ball with the DLC big time. They've outsourced all of them so far and none of them really live up to the main game. And on top of that you have all these extra packs trying to bleed more money out of customers.

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MikeyDucati11980d ago


Honestly that is absurd. And while you utter threats, you will still play borderlands 2. You will still purchase Gearbox games

What does Aliens have to do with this game? You know, honestly, its people like you that are going to sour the relationship between gamers and developers to where they will make sure at every instance they get their money without thinking about putting out some extras for us. Why? Cause you gamers complain about things that you have already been given information for.

They told you what the season pass entailed. Did you read that? No, you didn't. You expected a season pass to be literally that. A pass that would include every single thing that they put out for DLC. And my god, you are so wrong.

They are business first and foremost. They weren't always a fan favorite until Borderlands so what is this with this baby fit you are having? Now limited edition borderlands 2 is not that even a great of game all because they aren't giving Krieg as part of the season pass.

Krieg was not there from the beginning. It was a character conjured over time. You act like they had some devious plans to get more money out of you.

Next time understand what you are buying. Actually read what is included in your season pass next time instead of thinking that your bought season pass covers every single thing they distribute through DLC

Horrible. I'm sick of gamers complaining about things that they could have simply avoided but did not due to their lack of reading comprehension, common sense and just simply thinking everything is entitled to them. In actuality it's people like you that is turning these companies into greedy monsters who must make their money quickly before the bratty ones take to their online forums and blogs with complaints

showtimefolks1980d ago

Yes it's us the gamers who are wrong and not these greedy bastards who show us a game demo which is polished not to release utter shit to their consumers and are rightfully being sued now

I finished borderlands 2 and started a 2nd playthrough but honest opinn being ts not as good as 1st one when it comes to rewarding payers with loot. If that's complaining than so be it. Gearbox saw the success of borderlands 2 and went aboard to make plans to charge for every little thing

Level cap raise should have been free
And if the 1st character was part of the DLC than why is this we one not?

It's gamers like us who make sure publishers/developers don't take advantage of us, while is gamers like you who are too good to complain about anything and pony up and pay for every little thing

Us its people like us who are the bad ones and not these greedy bastards who if they would have their way would charge for every thing after us paying $60 bucks.

I don't even care about this character class what bothers me is the fact people had to pay for level raise caps which isn't right no matter how you spin it

And maybe you are new to the party but we have been with gearbox long before borderlands, maybe you have heard of brothers in arms which is a military shooter where story actual matters with a lot of emotions

I have been a gamer for 23 plus years and at no point have I seen more publishers/developers trying to take advantage of the gamers and ts idiots like you who defend them

Metro last light $5 for added mode
Resident evil 5 on disk DLC
Online pass(thankfully EA is changing and that's because of our complaining)

We are passionate about out hobby and will raise our voice when someone is trying to take advantage of us, maybe you like paying for every little thing but there are still developers who care about their fans and gearbox isn't part of that elite group anymore

MikeyDucati11980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


All of that is just terrible. You sound spoiled. Characters were not included in the season pass. You wrote all of that and yet, characters were not promised in the season's pass.

The Borderlands 2 Season Pass allows users who purchase it to access the FOUR DLC packs for Borderlands 2 at a reduced cost compared to purchasing them separately as soon as they become available.

All that you typed and you still missed the point. You just wrote an entitlement rant. El Terrible

dumahim1980d ago

"And if the 1st character was part of the DLC than why is this we one not?"

It wasn't. It was free to people who pre-ordered. It was never a part of the season pass. Why is this so difficult for people to understand?

Take advantage of you? They told you exactly what you'd get with the purchase of the season pass. They gave us MORE then they said we'd get out of it by including the level cap increase. And people get up in arms like we're being ripped off.

They don't owe you or anyone anything for free. They did it before. That doesn't mean they always have to do so.

MikeyDucati11980d ago

Oh Randy. I'm sorry buddy. They are just pitching a fit to you over that Aliens: CM fiasco, I truly believe. Such spoiled brats the gaming community is. But it's just shows how much parenting is going on in these kids homes. It is my belief that no mature adult gamer would complain about this. Maybe some but not like these kids who don't read anything or listen to anything and expect the platter to be full of their favorite treats everytime they call for it.

Nodoze1980d ago

Mikey, just because you have money to throw away on fancy motorcycles and game DLC does not make it right. Showtime was simply stating that this generation has been filled with nickel and dime tactics (thanks again to Microsoft for introducing the micro transaction) against the gamers.

I for one have not and will not support ANY form of DLC. I have been able to wait for game of the year editions/special editions and get ALL of it plus the game for a significantly reduced price.

Anyone who pre-orders, and pays for things like a season pass are simply being ripped off. Wait and you will get it all at a reduced price.

Zepherite1980d ago

If no-one had bought the game and its DLC originally, it's unlikely that you would be getting GOTY edition.

DevilishSix1980d ago


Clearly sir, you have not played the abomination that is Aliens CM

just-joe1980d ago

I look forward to playing all this... when the GOTY edition comes out.

Skate-AK1980d ago

That is why you always read the fine print.

Seafort1980d ago

Maybe they shouldn't have included the first character, Mechromancer, for free for alot of people that pre-ordered.

It doesn't add any more content just a new character design and skills.

I won't be buying Psycho character for £8 even though I bought the season pass. It seems to be a rip off to me.

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