New Details Unveiled For Brutal Hexen; Interactive Items Confirmed

DSOGaming writes: "Brutal Doom is perhaps the best mod for id Software's classic FPS. And as we informed you back in December 2012, talented modder 'SGtMarkIV' is working on a Brutal version for Raven Software's classic title, Hexen."

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Snookies121979d ago

I freaking loved Hexen...

john21979d ago

It's really amazing what modders can achieve. Interactive items in the original Hexen? Who would have thought that. If only all modern-day games were open to modding...

Snookies121979d ago

I agree, modding is my favorite thing about the PC as a platform for gaming. That's why it's my preferred system. :]

MWH1979d ago

and Heretic, and Shadow Warrior, and Blood, and Redneck Rampage, and Rise of the Triad...

NiteX1979d ago

Hexen is truly awesome. Always wanted a 3rd game.

Snookies121979d ago

I'd given up hope long ago... Who knows though, maybe some day...

SolidGear31979d ago

I remember buying this when it first came out on PC.. memories ^_^