Dissecting Delsin: A Profile On Second Son’s Protagonist

After the events of Infamous 2, the series needs a new hero. Learn all about Second Son’s protagonist.

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"Delsin will acquire a whole suite of new powers, which could range anywhere from ice-based blasts to electric attacks. Delsin’s power is like wishing for more wishes; it’s almost cheating."

I want this game now!

shivvy242034d ago

Captain Planet ...... wait i mean Deslin

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2034d ago

yup Commander, that's the best part.
we will not use only smoke powers in the game.
who knows what else.
I think maybe every d-pad button will have a power.
smoke, fire, electricity, ice....
just saying the basic ones.
it would be ok if it was fire, electricity and ice but I hope there are some unusual powers.

MikeyDucati12034d ago

I know its difficult because of the controller but I wish there was some way that I could use most of my powers without switching them like the sequel. For instance, I was good Cole...I wanted to ice launch then ice tether without pausing the game to switch the power. It felt like Oblivion/Skyrim, whereas a mage, you had to do the same thing with your spells. Now, I'm not complaining. I dealt with it...just saying it would be nice if possible.

GravelerMagnitude92034d ago

earth, water, wind are some other elements you can throw in

stuntman_mike2034d ago

earth, water, wind..wasnt they a pop group??

Rhezin2034d ago

mehh keep it element-centric. I like more variety of powers of one element then just all element powers that only have a couple attacks.