Ubisoft: next-gen will offer 'major leap in quality'

Next-generation platforms from Microsoft and Sony will offer a "major leap in quality," according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. Speaking today during the company's latest earnings report, the executive shared high hopes for the upcoming systems.

"A new console cycle is beginning and it will offer players an unrivalled experience," Guillemot said in prepared remarks. "They will see a major leap in quality with an extraordinary level of immersion as well as the incorporation of all of the innovations developed in recent years in online and social games, giving players the opportunity to create their own experiences and share them within their communities.

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Bigpappy2075d ago

I sure hope this is true. Time to up the frame rate. This gen has lost my interest already. I don't expect to say 'wow' until next gen.

Damd_Bowsr2074d ago

Already, this has been the Longest GEN in History

-Mika-2074d ago

The WiiU keeps getting ignored. I read there earning reports and there was no mention of that console or zombiU sales. Hm... I wob\nder what that means.

lilbroRx2074d ago

You attack the Wii U when its not the topic of conversion.

This makes no sense.

SonyPS42074d ago

...since when trolling ever made sense?

skipper2074d ago

You are correct, and I fell for it anyway. I should have ignored it. Oh well:)

stragomccloud2074d ago

They referred to no platforms. They were referring to all next gen platforms, and Ubisoft does consider the Wii U next gen.

skipper2074d ago

Well if Zombi U 2 is in being made the sales could not be THAT bad...

Seafort2074d ago

What's "next gen" got to do with quality? That's up to the publishers to not rush out their games before they are finished. No matter the power of the consoles the publishers won't change their ways to maximise profits to the detriment of the games they publish for a quick buck.

pr0t0typeknuckles2074d ago

someone that speaks the language of common sense,thank you bubble up

hellvaguy2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

If car only has 100hp and is a 4 banger, you really cant take it to the race track no matter how good the driver is.

This is the counter to Seafort saying next-gen hardware is all on the publishers, which it is and isn't. They have to work within the limitations of hardware.

Monkeysmarts2074d ago

Why the hell wouldn't it, the iPhone wasn't even around when the current gen started. Folks saying its too soon for new consoles are out of their mind.

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The story is too old to be commented.