Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta Coming To PS Vita

"The upcoming third-person action/adventure title from Middle Eastern developer Semaphore, Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta will be coming to the PS Vita." - TGC

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PirateThom1984d ago

Not being funny, I think I want to play this.... it could be a b-game classic.

chrish19901984d ago

Agreed. If the story is well written and the gameplay is good, the graphics can take a back seat. It'll tide us over until the next PS Vita Uncharted

Relientk771984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I wonder if it's good, people are definitely gonna be comparing this to Uncharted

UltraVegito1984d ago

No interest in a blantly obvious uncharted ripoff.

Mounce1984d ago

Then people can argue about how Uncharted is an 'Obvious Tomb Raider ripoff'

The point though I'd like to advance on that comment is the horrible nature that the developers here have taken everything that basically identifies with Uncharted and Nathan Drake and Copy-pasted it with their own Theme and culture. Uncharted at least compared to Tomb Raider tried to reinvent and adapt to a new era of treasure hunting and adventure. This game? It just copy-pastes, there's no creativity, there's no dignity or pride put into it. It's just like the same random middle-eastern devs who took the Battlefield 3 poster and edited it EVER SO SLIGHTLY and called it their own.

Am just fearing there to be some kind of backlash by how Arabian developers or gamers begin to be looked down on by the industry as are chinese factories who completely rip EVERYTHING off in order to scam unsuspecting people like the POP Station and every single console in existence made by Sony or Nintendo has a Fake alternative by some random chinese company that no ones heard about.

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